In Central America on 26 Nov, on the Antarctic Ice on 1 Dec !

Published on 08.12.2011 - Climate Neutral Pole 2 Pole

All of a sudden, after having sent his last update from Central America on 30 Nov, we find the Swedish cyclist J.E. Nilson in Antarctica, sending his first update from the ice near Novolazarevskaya on 2 Dec.

What a cabbalistic adventure ! We have received the last news from South America on 26 November. That day, Nilson wrote refering without the slightest embarrassment to Amundsen and Nansen, his predecessors of course : " Turning Impossible into Possible / When Amundsen and Nansen were trying to reach their goals they had to turn around many times, try again and even wait for years until they reached it. I have learned a lot from all these “mistakes” or “knowledge” as I call it. Everyday I have to fight with new barriers to cross and obstacles to climb over. ..."

Five days later, came the first communiqué from Antarctica. As on the map of the itinerary of the flight he took (published on Google earth) starts from Central America (approximately above de Darien National Parc), he had to go back there first, find a plane to Cape Town and then fly to Novolazarevkaya russian base ! All this in five days time!

In addition, since then, he regularly updates his website but does not tell a word about how he ended his cycling journey through the Americas, what happened to his fellow traveller Carl, who is guiding him and who are his teammates -if any. Mystery ! On top of that, his Twitter page has ended on 26 May.

It's not the first time that E.J. Nilson behaves that way : having followed him since his start from the North Pole, we have been quite stunned that during all these months on the bike, he never published a single photo of his companion Carl Robert Björkander, nor he barely mentionned his name, maybe once or twice during the all trip !

Here is his last update (6 December) : "Fighting the elevation / Today we (?) managed to ski up to 1.670 meters and we only have 600 meters left for the plateau. We are really burned by the sun and my knee is hurting. It started to get bad when I was biking and its still bad. Draging a 110 kilo sled is not making it any better."


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