Aston crossed the degree 87, being at no more than 200 Nm from SP

Published on 12.12.2011 - Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition

Not more than 200 nauticla miles to go

Not more than 200 nauticla miles to go

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Despite the fact that the sastrugis are enormous and everywhere, Felicity Aston keeps going hard. She has another 200 Nm to go.

More than 4000 followers

The fact that Felicity Aston has more than 4000 people who follow her on Twitter helps to raise her spirit for the whiteout days and when she has to negociate enormous sastrugis fields again and again...

herf are some of her latest 'Twitter' thoughts

  • 8 December :  Mornings are the biggest struggle mentally. If I could just switch off this internal dialogue life would be easier.
  • 9 December : A blue sky day at last! With a multicoloured halo around the sun and the mountains just visible on the horizon.
  • 9 December : Great article on Felicity's solo journey by Alastair Bland from SmithsonianMag
  • 10 December : Cold day. I was frozen into my jacket all day because my breath had turned to ice all over the zip at my chin.
  • 11 December :Yesterday was the first day I didnt burst into tears at any point. Must mean I'm getting used to this finally?
  • 12 December (ten hours ago) : The skin on my feet has gone hard and scaly. Great for an expedition but not very ladylike !

Her latest figures

  • 12 Dec 2011 : Latitude : 087° 56.228S / Longitude : 131° 58.258W / Average COG    186° / Average SOG    0.17 knots
  • 11 Dec 2011 : Latitude : 087° 53.003S / Longitude : 131° 54.834W / Average COG    177° / Average SOG    1.56 knots
  • 10 Dec 2011 : Latitude : 087° 29.016S / Longitude : 132° 06.939W / Average COG    162° / Average SOG    0.45 knots
  • 09 Dec 2011 : Latitude : 087° 25.554S / Longitude : 132° 31.152W / Average COG    163° / Average SOG    1.24 knots
  • 08 Dec 2011 : Latitude : 087° 12.889S / Longitude : 133° 51.414W / Average COG    158° / Average SOG    1.25 knots
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