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Crossing the Arctic Ocean during summertime

Crossing the Arctic Ocean during summertime

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A team of frenchmen is going to try to make the entire traverse of the Arctic Ocean during the summer months. A special catamaran has been built for this unique adventure.

French adventurer and sailor Sébastien Roubinet has always been a nature lover fascinated by the most northern countries.

After having been a crew member of the scientific expedition aboard Tara, after having succeeded the famous North-West passage with baby catamaran Babouche (5000 miles and four months sailing), he now wants to experience the great Arctic Ocean during the summer months : starting from the Alaskan coast (somewhere), he plans to sail towards Spitzberg with a mandatory passage at the North Pole.

This is not only a new itinerary (back in 2008, Pen Hadow/Vanco's team wanted also to join Point Barrow to North Pole but they had to change plans before the start) of 1750 miles long but, if they succeed, it will be also a  world first: in fact, no one has ever suceeded to sail/cross the entire Arctic Ocean unmotorized and in total autonomy -sailing on open waters and progressing with a special catamaran on ice when the pack is closed.

In addition, what makes this entreprise so unique is the fact that Sébastien has studied and developped during more than three years a special baby catamaran boat (see the photos gallery) dedicated to arctic waters as well as chaotic icepack. This kevlar/carbone catamaran is at the same time a sailing boat, an iceyacht and a sled. She (it ?) is 5m long, 2.40 m wide and has an habitacle of 3m².

Roubinet is of course not alone for this attempt : during the sailing, he will be accompanied by another famous french adventurer, Rodolphe André who has been several times to the arctic regions as well. Hervé Legoff will be in charge of the scientific project while Jean-Maurice Dupuis will take of the logistics before the departure in Canada and Anne-lise Vacher-Morazzani will be standby at the desk of the website.

If not delayed, expedition will start early July 2011 -probably from Deadhorse, Alaska-  and is supposed to reach the Spitzberg in late september.

See also our gallery dedicated to the small Ti-Babouche catamaran


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