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During some of the expeditions we have followed, participants have sent us pictures either during the expedition or after they came back. They are centralised in this section in the form of commented picture galleries.

  • Avannaq passing  Uummannaq Hospital. - © Pierre Auzias

    Avannaq has finally reached UUmmannaq

    Published on 22.08.2011 - 12 pictures

    Avannaq 2001 and her crew left Normandy on 18 May. Three monthsd later, after a smooth sailing, they have reached Greenland and entered Uummannaq harbour. The voyage is now over.

  • Old Norse stones in Dyrnæs. - © Pierre Auzias

    Visiting Narssaq

    Published on 31.07.2011 - 10 pictures

    On its way to its final destination, Avannaq 2011 crew is taking time at every harbour to go and visit the important old Norse historical sites.

  • Reykjavik to Cap Farvel, 7 days with easterly winds with max 5m/sec. Incredible! It havn' t been a great surprise to meet an established 25m/sec up to 36m/sec south Cap Farvel  by the 59 N latitude  12hours along with a very low barometer 987hPa. - © Pierre Auzias

    Reykjavik - Narssaq

    Published on 25.07.2011 - 9 pictures

    Sloop Avannaq has arrived safely in Greenland west coast. Except when passing the dangerous cap Farvel, the sailing was smooth and confortable.

  • Pilot whale' s songs hours along in North Atlantic
 - © Pierre Auzias

    In Reykjavik

    Published on 13.07.2011 - 10 pictures

    After an eight days long stay in Heimæy harbour, Vestmans Islands in Iceland South West, the Yacht "Avannaq" landed to Reykjavik the 6th of July.

  • Last session in Dick Macks's, Dingle - © Pierre Auzias

    Between Ireland and Iceland

    Published on 04.07.2011 - 12 pictures

    We have received some more photos from the Avannaq 2011 crew taken at sea somewhere between Ireland and Iceland.

  •  - © Adrenaline Expedition

    Testing Ti Babouche

    Published on 03.07.2011 - 33 pictures

    Thanks to Sébastien Roubinet who has given us the permission to publish a gallery specially dedicated to the testing of his catamaran 'Ti Babouche' in Europe as well as in Canada.

  • Hulls: Kevlar skin, inflated structure - © Adrenaline Expedition

    A very special catamaran

    Published on 25.06.2011 - 9 pictures

    During more than three years Sébastien Roubinet has studied and developped a new vehicle dedicated to his big Arctic crossing of summer 2011. Here are some photos of the boat.

  • Eddy Hutch, born in 1942, the last Skinboats (naomhóg) specialist for 43 years. He took interest in rowing following an injury. He became a champion on his famous boat

    Tourism on land

    Published on 21.06.2011 - 12 pictures

    Every time Pierre and Bertrand are anchored somewhere, they always take the opportunity to pay a visit to some interested places and to meet new people. This is the seventh gallery of Avannaq voyage.

  • Blasket Islands sound - © Pierre Auzias

    Before crossing the North Atlantic

    Published on 14.06.2011 - 11 pictures

    Here the last shots taken by the Avannaq crew before they decide to cross the North Atlantic sea.

  • 1 June, Grohoge point, closing Glandore Harbor. - © Pierre Auzias

    Between Horse Island and Dingle

    Published on 08.06.2011 - 17 pictures

    Here are some more shots taken during the sailing between Horse Island and Dingle where Avannaq will stay for a couple of days.

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