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During some of the expeditions we have followed, participants have sent us pictures either during the expedition or after they came back. They are centralised in this section in the form of commented picture galleries.

  • Jacques Poumet at Avannaq's helm while landing on the

    Around Kinsale

    Published on 02.06.2011 - 8 pictures

    While resting for a while in Kinsale, Pierre Auzias has sent us some more photos taken during the sailing and after the landing in the harbour.

  • 17 May 2011, Avannaq is about to take the Denou Channel just outside Paimpol to set sail for England - © Pierre Auzias

    More photos from Avannaq 2011

    Published on 29.05.2011 - 17 pictures

    Here are some more photos taken by pierre Auzias during his sailing towards Greenland.

  • May 21st 2011 -  Cape Lizard. 
 - © Auzias Pierre

    Sailing along the south west coast of Cornwall

    Published on 26.05.2011 - 17 pictures

    Here are some shots team Auzias / Lozay has sent us few days ago. For the present time, they are making a stopover in Southwest England. Soon the sloop Avannaq 2011 will sail to Greenland.

  • Hans Grønvold, fisher and hunter from Uummannaq is offering trading and import of

    Twining between Uummannaq (Greenland) and Granville (Normandy)

    Published on 19.05.2011 - 14 pictures

    We are delighted to begin "Avannaq 2011" gallery with a selection of pictures taken during the festive gathering to celebrate the twining between Uummannaq, Greenland and Granville, Normandy, France.  

  • The team from the Deepsea UnderThePole by Rolex expedition has been dropped off at the North Pole by Kenn Borek's logistics people on Friday 26th March and have already set out on their trek - © Deepsea Under The Pole by Rolex

    Deapsee Under the Pole : Ghislain Bardout and his team (part 1)

    Published on 29.09.2010 - 24 pictures

    During the spring 2010, frenchman Ghislain Bardout has travelled from the North Pole with 7 companions heading to North Canada. The objective of his expedition was to dive into the Arctic Ocean and to discover the fascinating world ice pack from beyond.

  • Excerpts from their diary :

    Deapsee Under the Pole : Ghislain Badout and his team (part 2)

    Published on 29.09.2010 - 24 pictures

    The expedition plan was to start from NP and to reach Ward Hunt, North Canada, diving during the trek as often as possible. But the weather and the ice conditions were so bad (too early spring) that they had to abandon the trek after 45 days spent on the ice pack.

  •  - © Hamlet of Cambridge Bay

    Zoom on Cambridge Bay

    Published on 17.09.2010 - 27 pictures

    Explorapoles takes the opportunity of Borge Ousland's stopover in Cambridge Bay to make a gallery on this remote place of the world where so few people go. Thanks to the official site of the town to let people use their photos.

  • Sébastien Lapierre (left) and Olivier Giasson at Reykjavik airport before leaving for Groenland. - © Olivier Lapierre/Sébastien Giasson

    Youngsters on their first trek

    Published on 11.09.2010 - 18 pictures

    From time to time we give word to young people who seriously want to follow the tracks of their heroes. Some weeks ago, we have interviewed frenchman Rodolphe Journoud who has accompanied Borge Ousland last spring (2010) in the last degree trek (to North Pole). This time we publish a gallery with the photos of Canadians S. Lapierre and O. Giasson who have tried -also last spring- a crossing of Greenland. 

  • 09 July / At each port-of-call we have received friends on board, and satisfied people’s curiosity about our boat and expedition. - © Million thanks to Børge to have given us the permission for publishing this gallery

    Børge Ousland’s Arctic circumnavigation (part 2)

    Published on 06.08.2010 - 24 pictures

    Here is the second part of our gallery made of the most oustanding shots taken by Børge Ousland during hiw new adventure around the Arctic ocean. Our readers can of course go themselves on Borge's website and discover many more photos.

  • 23 June / Explaining the nature of our journey under the mighty bow of the MD «Fram». - © Million thanks to Børge to have given us the permission for publishing this gallery

    Børge Ousland’s Arctic circumnavigation (part 1)

    Published on 05.08.2010 - 27 pictures

    We have received the permission from Børge Ousland to make a picture gallery with some of his most oustanding shots taken during his voyage around the Arctic ocean. Our readers can of course go themselves on Borge's website and discover many more photos.

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Pictures galleries and Videos are copyrighted to the International Polar Foundation or their authors. Please contact us before using them.

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