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During some of the expeditions we have followed, participants have sent us pictures either during the expedition or after they came back. They are centralised in this section in the form of commented picture galleries.

  • Sun upon chaotic ice - © IPF/IPF

    Landscapes, men and sledges

    Published on 17.04.2007 - 23 pictures

    Picture gallery featuring landscapes encountered by Alain and Dixie during the Arctic Arc expedition.

  • Hauling a sledge accross chaotic ice - © IPF/IPF

    Stormy weather, efforts and bears

    Published on 17.04.2007 - 20 pictures

    Picture gallery illustrating the difficulties encountered by Alain and Dixie on a regular basis (except for the bears ... at least we hope so).

  • After crossing a lead - © IPF/IPF

    Teamwork, leads and measurements

    Published on 17.04.2007 - 25 pictures

    A picture gallery describing everyday exploration activities: crevasses, leads, measurements and other scientific activities.

  • Gigi Leila and Julie leaving Longyearbyen - © IPF/IPF

    First resupply

    Published on 12.04.2007 - 19 pictures

    These pictures illustrate the successfull resupply of the Arctic Arc expedition on the 40th day. Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer were still some 250Km away from the North Pole.

  • In Siberia, you sometimes have to wait for hours for your plane to come in. - © IPF/IPF

    Departure in Siberia

    Published on 21.03.2007 - 25 pictures

    Photos of the departure of the 'Arctic Arc' expedition taken in Siberia by the french photographer Rene Robert.

  • Negotiating blue ice on the outskirts of Patriot Hills - © S. Chapple/Polar Quest South Pole Expedition

    Pictures from the Polar Quest expedition

    Published on 12.03.2007 - 10 pictures

    These pictures were sent to us by Captain Sean Chapple, team leader of the Polar Quest expedition. Many thanks to him for this wonderful gallery.

  • Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer pulling their sledges - © International Polar Foundation

    Arctic Arc Round up

    Published on 28.02.2007 - 17 pictures

    Here are a few key moments from this Arctic Arc adventure.

  • Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer - ©

    Arctic Arc: Departure from Brussels

    Published on 26.02.2007 - 9 pictures

    Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer leaving Brussels for the Arctic Arc expedition.

  • Alain Hubert - © International Polar Foundation

    Arctic Arc Launch Press Conference

    Published on 14.02.2007 - 11 pictures

    Arctic Arc Launch Press Conference.

  • Monday, 11 February, 7am: surrounded by their families, Dixie Dansercoer and Alain Hubert arrive at Zaventem Airport, Brussels. In less than two hours, they will be flying off to Moscow with Austrian Airlines. - © International Polar Foundation

    Ultimate Arctic Crossing - part 1

    Published on 05.02.2002 - 32 pictures

    Belgians Alain Hubert & Dixie Dansercoer on the longest TransArctic crossing ever attempted - from New Siberian Islands to Ward Hunt (Canada), that is to say more than a 2000 km trek - unassisted. Here is the expedition picture gallery part I.

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Pictures galleries and Videos are copyrighted to the International Polar Foundation or their authors. Please contact us before using them.

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