Polar Explorers

This section centralises the names, nationalities and short bios of the polar explorers that have appeared on this website since it was launched in November 1997. Please bear in mind that this section is a work in progress

  • Aller Bettina

    Aller Bettina (Denmark)

    Bettina Aller is one of the first scandinavian woman to have reached the North Pole on skis.

  • Arduin Dominick

    Arduin Dominick (Finland)

    Dominick Arduin has disappeared during early March 2004 right after the beginning of her attempt to reach the North Pole solo from Arktichewski Cape.

  • Arnesen Liv

    Arnesen Liv (Norway)

    Arnesen was born in 1953 in Bærum, Norway on the outskirts of Oslo, where, at an early age, her parents immersed her in their passions: cross-country skiing and polar history.

  • Aston Felicity

    Aston Felicity (Great Britain)

    Felicity Aston is one of the rare women explorers to have been able to combine scientific jobs -she has worked as a meteorologist for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), for example- and her taste for great adventures.

  • Auclair Josée

    Auclair Josée (Canada)

    Josée Auclair is one of the most knowledgeable world wide Arctic guide. She was born on 2 May 1962 at Sherbrooke, Québec. She lives now at Cunningham Inlet on Somerset Island, Nunavut with her husband the world renowned explorer Richard Weber, and their two sons, Tessum and Nansen.

  • Avery Tom

    Avery Tom (United Kingdom)

    As one of only 38 people in history to have reached both the North and South Poles on foot, Tom Avery is quickly gaining the reputation as one of the UK's leading young explorers.

  • Bae Rolf

    Bae Rolf (Norway)

    Rolf was Norway's top adventurer and has completed many Arctic and Antarctic challenges and has held until the record of the longest Antarctic traverse crossing for quite a while.

  • Bancroft Ann

    Bancroft Ann (USA)

    Ann Bancroft is one of the world's preeminent polar explorers and an internationally recognized leader who is dedicated to inspiring women, girls and audiences around the world to unleash the power of their dreams.

  • Beilharz Linda

    Beilharz Linda (Australia)

    In 2010, the adventuress, Linda Beilharz (50), has become the first Australian woman to have reached the South and North Poles on foot. Her objective is to conquer the four largest icecaps of our planet Earth, the North and South Poles, Greenland, and Patagonia.

  • Bloomcamp Michelle

    Bloomcamp Michelle (Australia)

    Michelle Bloomcamp is the mother of 2 daugthers, has a full time job and a dog on top of it all. She has plenty of ways to spend her time but still decided to go to the South Pole.

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