Polar Explorers

This section centralises the names, nationalities and short bios of the polar explorers that have appeared on this website since it was launched in November 1997. Please bear in mind that this section is a work in progress

  • Dale-Harris Hugh

    Dale-Harris Hugh (Canada)

    Hugh Dale-Harris is an educator, photographer and adventurer who livesin Nolalu, Ontario with his partner Amy, their 3-year-old daughter Wynne and their two former sled dogpets, Esker and Trooper.

  • Daniels Ann

    Daniels Ann (United Kingdom)

    Ann Daniels is one ofthe worlds leading polar explorers and believes in the power of dreamsand what can be achieved with belief and perseverance. She alsobelieves that with courage, tenacity and encouragement anyone canachieve the extraordinary.

  • Dansercoer Dixie

    Dansercoer Dixie (Belgium)

    Born in 1962 in Nieuwpoort, Belgium. Married to Julie Brown. Father of four children: Jasper, Evelien, Thijs and Robin.

  • Darley Dan

    Darley Dan (Great Britain)

    Dan Darley succeeded in reaching the North Pole accompanied by his friend Amelia Russell in the spring of 2010. Despite terrible conditions of headway. He is an extraordinary sportsman who has already, in 2004, successfully taken part in the horrific Ironman of Hawaii ordeal.

  • De La Ferrière Laurence

    De La Ferrière Laurence (France)

    Laurence of Ferrière was born in Casablanca in 1957.She has about twenty years when she discovers the high mountain. She gives up then the flute traversière and the medicine to set out to conquer the highest summits of the world.

  • De Roos Willy

    De Roos Willy (Belgium)

    With his sailing ship Williwaw and his polar adventures, Belgian explorer Willy de Roos has fired the imagination of many polar enthusiasts.

  • De Rothschild David

    De Rothschild David (United Kingdom)

    Having completed numerous extreme events most notably winning hisage group in the gruelling 'Escape from Alcatraz' triathlon,his experiences vary from being the first Brit to Bull ride in theNew Zealand National Rodeo to attempting to break the world landspeed record for towing a caravan.

  • Dickinson Conrad and Hilary

    Dickinson Conrad and Hilary (United Kingdom)

    Conrad's love of cross-country spans over 30 years. He learnt to ski whilstserving as an Officer in the British Army, specialising in winterwarfare and Arctic survival. Upon leaving the Army, Conrad continuedhis skiing and joined numerous expeditions to Greenland (4 times),Iceland, Spitzbergan, Yukon (Mount Logan), Sierra Nevada (California),Siberia and Sweden. In addition, for the last 20 years, Conrad andHilary, (his wife) have made an annual pilgrimage to Norway duringwinter to enjoy their sport. Conrad leads an expedition to Norway mostyears.

  • Dupre Lonnie

    Dupre Lonnie (USA)

    Artic Explorer, Writer, Photograher and Educator. During an Arctic career spanning 17 years, Lonnie Dupre (44) has traveled over 13,500 miles throughout the high Arctic regions of northeastern Russia, Lapland, Alaska, Canada and Greenland. He has led five major Arctic expeditions and participated in six.

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