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Having completed numerous extreme events most notably winning hisage group in the gruelling 'Escape from Alcatraz' triathlon,his experiences vary from being the first Brit to Bull ride in theNew Zealand National Rodeo to attempting to break the world landspeed record for towing a caravan.

David de Rothschild is currently based in Sydney after movingfrom London at the end of 2003 where he is writing and compiling a series of educational books for children.

After finishing an advanced Diploma in natural medicine, he has begun the process of setting up a naturopathic/ecological educationcentre in New Zealand with the additional goal of pioneering newtechniques to create a fully self-sufficient certified organic farm.

Prior to this David set up a global manufacturer and distributors of licensed apparel representing brands and bands from the Beatles to the Mr Men.

Following his passion for the environment David hopes that by joining the Trans-Antarctic challenge team he will help to raise awarenessa bout the impact of global warming on the Polar Regions and the importance of protecting their ecology for future generations.

List of major accomplishments

  • 2006: Mission 1 - Top of the World. The challenge is to traverse the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada via the North Pole to highlight the issues that surround climate change and its world wide effects in particular on Polar regions.
  • 2004-2005 : The Invesco Perpetual Challenge. An expedition formed by two teams. The two teams start on opposite sides of the Antarctic continent. The ski team beginning its 1,600km journey at the bottom of one of the world's largest glaciers (Axel Heiberg in Trans-Antarctic Mountains) and then, dragging 200lb sledges, pass through the Trans-Antarctic Mountains before reaching the South Pole. The 4x4 team supposed to start from Patriot Hills to reach SP and film the second leg of the ski team SP -> Patriot Hills. But vehicles never made the journey. The skiers team (Patrick Woodhead, Paul Landry, Alastair Vere Nicoll and David de Rothschild) arrived at SP on December 22nd and depart for PH few days later. On Wednesday January 12th, the Invesco Perpetual Challenge team successfully completes a coast to coast traverse of the Antarctic continent via the Axel Heiberg glacie. The crossing marks the end of a 58 days journey (1 650km traverse of Antarctica) ; the team achieves the first coast to coast manhauling traverse from the Ross Ice shelf - via the Trans-Antarctic Mountains and the South Pole - to the Ronnie ice shelf on Antarctica's western perimeters.
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