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During some of the expeditions we have followed, participants have sent us pictures either during the expedition or after they came back. They are centralised in this section in the form of commented picture galleries.

  • Rolex was their main sponsor - © International Polar Foundation

    The Last Pictures of the Arctic arc

    Published on 24.06.2007 - 30 pictures

    Amongst the pictures taken by Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer on the ice, we have chosen the 30 most beautiful ones. Let's dream on a little longer.

  • 13 June: Before A Wall: Dixie is wondering how on earth he'll be able to climb this wall of ice. - © IPF/IPF

    Relief after the arrival

    Published on 15.06.2007 - 19 pictures

    Here are the 19 last pictures taken by the expedition on June 13 and 14, 2007, this latter date being the date of their arrival in Greenland. Superb images and landscapes which, till now, no-one has seen...

  • 11 June: Landscapes of the final days: The mountains are now slowly appearing on the horizon. But before reaching them, what a terrain! - © IPF/IPF

    Final days: the mountains are in sight, as is the chaos…

    Published on 13.06.2007 - 23 pictures

    Here are the expedition's photographs taken on June 11 and 12. The weather conditions are continuing to improve and, especially, the mountains of Greenland are making their appearance.

  • June 9: The ice has calmed down a little - © IPF/IPF

    Conditions are improving

    Published on 10.06.2007 - 23 pictures

    Here are 23 photos sent by the expedition and taken on the 7th and the 9th of June. Both men seem to have come out of the areas of chaotic ice that they have just crossed.

  • Picture taken on the 5th of June: worst day of the expedition - © IPF/IPF

    Worst Day of the Expedition

    Published on 06.06.2007 - 11 pictures

    Here are the 11 photographs sent by Alain Hubert on 5 June. A glance at the worst day of the expedition (so far).

  • Unfortunately, the morning's fine weather didn't last. A white mist invaded the terrain. Are we still on land? Today, we saw our first bird. - © IPF/IPF

    Live from the ice pack (5)

    Published on 02.06.2007 - 24 pictures

    Here are the latest photographs the expedition has sent us since our previous gallery published on 28 May. These captions are the very ones taken by the protagonists.

  • After four hours of effort, we are out of the chaos: it's 18.30 (GMT+2), we'll be pitching our tent in half an hour under the glorious sunshine which has returned for the past hour and half. - © IPF/IPF

    Live from the ice pack (4)

    Published on 28.05.2007 - 21 pictures

    Here are the latest photographs that we have received from the expedition. Also to be seen, 14 photographs taken by Arnaud Tortel and Didier Goetghebuer who left Quaanaaq to deliver some supplies at the top of the Victoria fjord. The captions are the very ones that the protagonists have sent us.

  • 17 May: The terrain is a bit better today - © IPF/IPF

    Live from the ice pack (3)

    Published on 25.05.2007 - 21 pictures

    Here is another set of pictures sent to us by the Arctic Arc team. They are the first since our last gallery was posted online. The captions were written by both men.

  • Chocolate is part of their daily diet
 - © IPF/IPF

    Live from the ice pack (2)

    Published on 15.05.2007 - 35 pictures

    Here are the most beautiful photos taken by the team since it left North Pole.

  • Pulling harder and harder - © IPF/IPF

    Live from the ice pack

    Published on 02.05.2007 - 17 pictures

    Photos sent by the Arctic Arc team since their first resupply (April 8th). These pictures illustrate clearly the rough ice conditions they face on a daily basis.

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Pictures galleries and Videos are copyrighted to the International Polar Foundation or their authors. Please contact us before using them.

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