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From 03.03.2007 to 30.04.2007 - Status: success

Training on the ice

Training on the ice

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Richard Weber, Iain Morpeth and Adrian Hayes are attempting the trek Ward Hunt - geographical North Pole, with one resupply (march until end of April).

Team leader Richard Weber from Canada is one of the world's most experienced arctic explorers, whilst Iain Morpeth from the UK has previously reached the South Pole, all the way, in 2003 and the North Pole on a last degree trip a few years before. Everest summitteer Adrian Hayes, a fellow Briton who lives in Dubai, is the only climber in the team.

The team spent 2 weeks training, preparing and acclimatising on Baffin Island, before heading up to Resolute on 1 March, and to Ward Hunt, weather permitting, on 3 March.

Adrian aims to raise large funds for the Children's Hope Foundation and Leukaemia from the expedition - details of the charity campaign and how to donate funds are on his website.

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