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Four teachers go to Antarctica for the Fuchs Foundation

Four teachers go to Antarctica for the Fuchs Foundation

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By sending young teachers to polar regions, the aim of the Fuchs Foundation remains the same since 2007 : to help them to acquire new experiences, to change profoundly their courses, to make lectures more fascinating than ever and their methods more dynamic.

It's the second time that the Fuchs Foundation sends young teachers to Antarctica -third time to the polar regions.

Back in 2007, FF had sent four teachers (Phil Avery, Ruth Hollinger, Amy Rogers and Ian Richardson) to the Ellsworth Mountain chain.

Two years ago, in 2009, teachers (Dany Golding, Helena Nunan, Nicola Rowland  and Andy Stevenson) have been sent to Greenland Icecap between 66 and 67 deg North, travelling with dog sledges, so that each day they were able to spend time carrying out their science projects.

This winter, they are going back to the Ellsworth Mountains Chain, the same mountains than in 2007 but in a quite different location. A little bit less than half an hour flight from Patriot Hills, says one of the responsible person of the FF.

Here are the four teachers and their center of interest :

  • Lyndsay Hilton, (above right on the photo), Head of Chemistry, The Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester, Dorset.
    Lyndsay will analyse the glaciers to determine if they do contain iron oxide, how much, and if this will have an impact on climate change in the future. Lyndsay will also test ‘self cleaning trousers’ and ‘socks that will never smell no matter how long you wear them’ which also contain nanoparticles that have been engineered to produce clothing with special properties.
  • Lisa Wood, (underneath left on the photo), Science Co-ordinator, Kaizen Primary School, Newham, London.
    Lisa, a primary science teacher, firmly believes in encouraging curiosity in children at an early age. With the help of a puippet called ‘Ricky’, she will be working with schools prior to the expedition to help design, produce and test clothing and equipment that will be suitable for ‘Ricky’ to use whilst he is in the Antarctic. Once in Antarctica, ‘Ricky’ will put their creations to the ultimate test to see how they fare under extreme conditions.  Through daily blogs, ‘Ricky’ will feed back his findings for schools to analyse and compare with their own results and where necessary, he will also call on the assistance of his young team of scientists to help investigate and solve many of the day to day dilemmas which arise!
  • Tim Miall, (underneath right on the photo), Physics teacher, Twyford Church of England High School, Twyford Crescent, Acton, London.
    In order to motivate pupils in science and engineering subjects ('not very popular subjects over the last decade', according to Miall, they will involve students during 2009/2010 academic year in the ‘Antarctica : Mars on Earth’ competition, in collaboration with the Space Academy of the National Space Centre and the Universities of Leicester and Nottingham. Students will be encouraged to put together Mars themed science and engineering projects. The best will be taken to the Antarctic where they will be tested in a challenging and hostile environment.
  • Roussel Da Carvalho (above left ont the photo), Physics teacher, Samuel Ward Arts and Technology College, Haverhill, Suffolk.
    This project is to contribute to the study of ultraviolet radiation and its impact on Antarctic life measuring the efficiency or inefficiency of the ozone layer. It engages students in real-life Physics-Chemistry of sunscreens as well as educating them about the dangers of UV radiation and skin cancer.


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