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From 18.10.2011 to - Status: scheduled

To provide a fitting focus of R. F. Scott's acheivements

To provide a fitting focus of R. F. Scott's acheivements

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The ISCE is not intended to be a re-enactment of Captain Scott's original Terra Nova expedition, but to provide a fitting focus and commemoration of its achievements, and so to generate maximum public interest and inspire an effective education and media programme. This is probably the most significant expedition as far as comemorating the centenary of the achievments of Captain Scott are concerned.

A tribute man-hauling sledge team will make the arduous journey from Hut Point to the location of Captain Scott's final camp. Here, descendants from all five families of Captain Scott's Pole Party will fly in and a memorial service will be held for the nation.

The Expedition

Just as Captain Scott involved as many people as possible in his expedition to represent as many interests as possible, so will the ISCE. This will be achieved by involving schools and the general public as well as the broad range of participants taking part in the expedition.

The Sledge Party will attend the memorial service by forming a tribute man-hauling party who will follow the route taken by the Search Party of 1912. The team will travel with full supplies from Scott’s original base to where the tent of the polar party was found. On completion of the service they will return overland, a journey of 290 miles.

This team may consist of:

  • Established polar explorers and adventurers
  • Members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces
  • Youth Members
  • Novice Expeditioners
  • Media team

The Flight Team

To achieve maximum public interest and support, descendants, major sponsors and representatives from organisations with links to the original expedition will be flown into Antarctica. Here they will join the Sledge Party for the memorial service, reminding us that real human lives form the heart of these epic stories. Participants may include

  • Descendants of the five Polar families
  • Expedition Patrons
  • Major sponsors
  • Representatives of Polar Organisations
  • Senior Representatives of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces

Famous polar explorer Antony Jinman (who has completed already 12 Arctic expeditions) will be the expedition leader; next to him two british amry soldiers, Captain Thomas Coker (Regimental Signals Officer of the Royal Dragon Guards) and Lieutenant Rob Tristam RN, marine navy officer. To discover more about the Telegraph candidates, please visit this page.



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