Polar Flight 90

Last year, Art Mortvedt had to resechedule his flight to the North Pole. This spring, he and his favorite Cessna the Polar Pumpkin are ready and they go for it...


Below are all the news we published about the Polar Flight 90 expedition

  • End of the road for Polar Pumpkin

    Published on 18.05.2011

    After a long return flight from Eureka, Art Mortvedt has finally stationned his Polar Pumpkin in a hangar of the city of Macom, Illinois. Now, back to the peace running of his Selby Wilderness Lodge.

  • Art Mortvedt: Real Raconteur…

    Published on 04.05.2011

    Thanks to pilot Art Mortvedt, we get to see a little of that remote part of the world, the Nunavut Territories.

  • The flight back home

    Published on 30.04.2011

    Here are some excerpts of Art Mortvedt's diary about his way back home. Notwithstanding this setback, he announced that he will be back next year...

  • A quite difficult decision to take

    Published on 29.04.2011

    Because of a consistant bad weather above the icepack and also because of the closing of the Barneo Station, Art Mortvedt had to abandon his project to fly his Cessna to the North Pole.

  • Mother Nature is in Supreme Cotrol

    Published on 26.04.2011

    Art Mortvedt together with his 'Polar Pumpkin' Cessna could finally leave the small town of Ulukhatok and fly to Resolute and to the weather Station Eureka.

  • Flying Northwards

    Published on 26.04.2011

    Finally Art Mortvedt could go on with his North Pole Flight.

  • ” Persevere we shall, with patience, we must…”

    Published on 20.04.2011

    Pilot Art Mortvedt has no chance with the weather : because of too strong winds he is still stuck in Ulukhaktok.

  • North winds prevent Art from flying

    Published on 18.04.2011

    On 10 April, Art Mortvedt had the chance to have a good weather window to take his Polar Pumpkin from Inuvik to Ulukhaktok (see our map). But since then bad weather has forced him to stay on the ground...

  • The Polar Pumkin has finally taken off

    Published on 09.04.2011

    After years of waiting and months of preparation, after many test flights and checking gear aw well as equipment, Art Mortvedt was able to depart the Fairbanks International Airport at aprroximately 9am on Sunday 3 April.

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