The big Nail

After making his first attempt in 2008, the Italian Michele Portrandolfo is again setting out to complete the classic route from Ward Hunt to the North Pole -solo and without any outside assistance.


Below are all the news we published about the The big Nail expedition

  • Portrandolfo Recovered

    Published on 24.04.2010

    The Italian Michele Portrandolfo was finally recovered without any problem on 23 April by the Kenn Borek logistics, from Resolute Bay.

  • Portrandolfo’s turn to give up

    Published on 20.04.2010

    Once he had calculated the distance he had already travelled and the distance still left to do, the Italian Michele Portrandolfo finally came to the conclusion that he wouldn't be able to make it to his goal.

  • Portrandolfo: He gave up on April 9th but went on on the 10th…

    Published on 12.04.2010

    Michele Portrandolfo has now got us used to his virtually daily succession of mental acrobatics: one day, he's down in the dumps and thinks that he'll never make it. The next, he regains his strength and announces that he's going ahead... A funny way of doing things.

  • On A Knife Edge

    Published on 06.04.2010

    Not even Michele himself knows whether he's going to succeed or throw in the towel. He has ordered a new sledge and some new boots but they haven't arrived. He's making progress but there is some drift. He's doing approximately 10km per day but the Pole is still a long way away - more than 550 kilometres.

  • The Impossible Dream…

    Published on 01.04.2010

    Michele Portrandolfo has made an objective assessment of his expedition, no doubt with a tear in his eye...

  • Pessimistic outlook for Michele

    Published on 30.03.2010

    The situation of the Italian adventurer Michele Portrandolfo looks far from encouraging. After 24 days on the ice, he has only just reached 84 degrees North. And he was already talking about giving up in his latest update.

  • “Just Michele and me…”

    Published on 23.03.2010

    In the face of numerous minor technical problems (see our previous dispatch), the Italian Michele Portrandolfo is feeling increasingly alone in his adventure. But he is continuing nonetheless.

  • No Luck For Michele

    Published on 19.03.2010

    Since the beginning of his trek, the Italian, Michele Portrandolfo, has been experiencing technical troubles that come hard on each other's heels almost every day. Major stress is setting in...

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