Ice Dreams

Two young Canadians are attempting to repeat the feat achieved by three Canadian pioneers when they crossed Greenland in 1995.


Below are all the news we published about the Ice Dreams expedition

  • Wise Return Home

    Published on 05.05.2010

    After having no doubt cherished too big dream, the youngsters Sebastien Lapierre and Olivier Giasson have wisely returned home.

  • The Youngsters Have Thrown In The Towel

    Published on 28.04.2010

    Sébastien Lapierre and Olivier Giasson are confronted by a lack of wind. As they have a deadline to meet (04 May), they have decided to throw in the towel...

  • Progressing by 15 to 18 Kilometres Per Day

    Published on 23.04.2010

    The two Canadian adventurers, Sebastien Lapierre and Olivier Giasson, are making good progress despite the difficult conditions that they're facing. They have to get to other side of the island before 04 May. Because of the return flight that they've booked..

  • Lots of Time Lost

    Published on 20.04.2010

    The two young Canadians, Sebastien Lapierre and Olivier Giasson, have had countless setbacks before finally getting to the Greenland Plateau.

  • They’re Finding It Hard To Get Going

    Published on 07.04.2010

    The two Canadians, Sebastien Lapierre and Olivier Giasson, are having no end of trouble in getting to the starting point of their crossing.

  • News of the Other Teams

    Published on 02.04.2010

    While Jean-Louis Etienne's team is preparing his balloon and all the technicalities that go with it, the two Canadians are on the spot for their crossing of Greenland, while for his part, the pilot Art Mortvedt, with his Polar Pumpkin, has postponed his attempt.

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