Amelia Russell (27) and Dan Darley (33) are two young elite athletes with a passion for rowing and outdoor sports (skiing and cycling). They are attempting the trek from Cape Discovery (83° 01' N / 74° 25' W, their departure point) to the North Pole, without outside assistance.


Below are all the news we published about the expedition

  • While The Base Camp Packs Up, The Trio Goes On

    Published on 30.04.2010

    Even though the condition of the ice is deteriorating every day (and especially in consideration of the pick-up), the Daniels/Hartley/Paton trio is continuing to do a barn dance with the drifting pack ice. One day forward, the next day back.

  • A Glorious Victory

    Published on 29.04.2010

    Out of this spring's four unsupported expeditions, only the Dan Darley/Amelia Russel couple has successfully completed its adventure. A fine feat.

  • Two teams at the pole

    Published on 26.04.2010

    Dan Darley and Amelia Russell have finally arrived safely at the pole yesterday. Few hours later the trio of Icecap Journeys expedition reached the NP as well.

  • What an epic ending !

    Published on 25.04.2010

    Yesterday, the HQ of Dan Darcey and Amelia Russell announced that the duo was heading to a final 24 hour "Push for the Pole". They had only another 42 km to go. But the pack has decided otherwise.

  • Right to the end, the couple will have had the bitterest of fights against the drift

    Published on 24.04.2010

    Incredible expedition's end for the Dan Darley and Amelia Russell couple: if they don't advance for more than twelve hours at a stretch, they'll never get there...

  • Dan and Amelia:  Always the same question: will they arrive in time?

    Published on 20.04.2010

    The jump across the lead that Amelia wanted to make on 17 April (over an interstitial water channel) was almost fatal for the expedition.

  • Dan and Amelia:  Incipient Doubt…

    Published on 13.04.2010

    Whereas they had thought that things would get better as they got nearer the Pole, in fact just the opposite occurred. And the couple has started to doubt...

  • They’re Starting to Pile on the Pressure

    Published on 07.04.2010

    Dan Darley and Amelia Russell are optimistic that they will get to the NP before 26 April. Nevertheless, the days remain long and difficult and it's therefore a question of piling on a certain amount of pressure.

  • “We’ve Survived the Arctic in March. Hooray…”

    Published on 01.04.2010

    A few little everyday bugbears have failed to undermine the troops' morale. Dan and Amelia have chosen to be picked up by Barneo's logistics. So they've got to get a move on...

  • Tracks on the ice…

    Published on 29.03.2010

    Dan and Amelia are doing everything they can to try and advance ten or so nautical miles each day. But they're having to battle against negative drift, whiteout conditions and fierce winds. It's a David and Goliath situation, but they are still managing to make headway.

  • Forwards by day, backwards at night…

    Published on 23.03.2010

    As with all the other teams, Dan and Amelia are currently having to cope with powerful negative drift. Broadly speaking, the distance they cover during the day is being eaten up again at night. Arrgghhhhhh, says Amelia...

  • The Routine’s Hard Learning Curve

    Published on 19.03.2010

    The hardest thing for the Dan Darley/Amelia Russel duo, now at the beginning of their expedition, has been to learn how to improve their daily routine.

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