Generali Arctic Observer

Jean-Louis Etienne is aiming to fly over the Arctic Ocean aboard a helium-and-air balloon. "This," he says, "will be part three of my trilogy of solo expeditions to the North Pole..."


Below are all the news we published about the Generali Arctic Observer expedition

  • An account of the Expedition’s Key Moments

    Published on 23.04.2010

    As a final clapperboard of this original expedition, Explorapoles is publishing here a summary of what the French explorer had to say during the press conference that he gave at his sponsor's, the Generali insurance company, on 16 April.

  • Etienne Recovered By His Team

    Published on 13.04.2010

    Here's the press release from the Generali Flight Control Centre, which announced yesterday (Sunday) that the French doctor/explorer, Jean-Louis Etienne, had been recovered with all his equipment from the middle of Yakutia.

  • Etienne : he has landed this morning in North Siberia

    Published on 10.04.2010

    Jean-Louis Etienne landed gently this morning in Siberian territory, 200 km north of Batagaï, a city known for its weather station.

  • A Crossing Other Than Planned

    Published on 09.04.2010

    At the time when we're writing these words, Jean-Louis Etienne is heading for Siberia. And not for Alaska, as envisaged.

  • The balloon has left Spitzberg

    Published on 07.04.2010

    As no written news is published so far in Jean-Louis Etienne website, we just show here the itinerary of the balloon with the datas on line on his website.

  • Etienne is off

    Published on 05.04.2010

    French doctor/explorer Jean-Louis Etienne has left Spitzberg this morning at 5h09 TU on board of his balloon Generali Arctic Explorer. He should cross the Artic ocean.

  • News of the Other Teams

    Published on 02.04.2010

    While Jean-Louis Etienne's team is preparing his balloon and all the technicalities that go with it, the two Canadians are on the spot for their crossing of Greenland, while for his part, the pilot Art Mortvedt, with his Polar Pumpkin, has postponed his attempt.

  • Final check up before the big jump

    Published on 02.04.2010

    Jean-Louis Etienne's team is preparing the balloon and all the technicalities that go with it. Soon, the big jump over the Arctic ocean.

  • They’re out on the ice!

    Published on 17.03.2010

    While most of the Arctic expeditions were in the process of starting their North Pole adventures, Zinédine Zidane climbed aboard JL Etienne's balloon. A few hundred metres below him, just a stone's throw from Ward Hunt, and Pat Falvey's expedition has already abandoned its trek!

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