Emirates NBD Greenland Quest

Adrian Hayes and two Canadians, Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe, will attempt to traverse Greenland unsupported using powerkites.


Below are all the news we published about the Emirates NBD Greenland Quest expedition

  • Nearing Qaanaaq (Thulé)

    Published on 22.07.2009

    Despite the headwind and difficult meteorological conditions, the three men are nearing their destination. Just a few hundred kilometers left.

  • The end of an arduous expedition

    Published on 15.07.2009

    Because no-one has previously completed the route from JP Kocks fjord all the way to Thulé, the three men had no idea what they were letting themselves in for.

  • A highly professional adventure

    Published on 06.07.2009

    Adrian Hayes and his two companions, Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe, have now reached the most northerly point of Greenland. This expedition is leaving virtually no stone unturned as it progresses by always explaining the hows and the wherefores of what it is doing...

  • Waiting for the wind

    Published on 29.06.2009

    The trio reckon they still have about thirty days of adventure ahead of them before they reach Qaanaaq. But the wind may decide otherwise. Over the past week, for example, the three men have had to endure five days without so much as a breath of wind to carry them along.

  • Conquering the Wild West

    Published on 19.06.2009

    The trio has reached the imaginary line that divides Greenland into two areas of more or less identical length. But this does not mean that the men are at the halfway point of their trek.

  • Measuring the depth of the snow

    Published on 15.06.2009

    Because one of the main aims of Adrian Hayes's Emirates NBD Greenland Quest is to focus public attention on global warming, the expedition's tasks include taking scientific readings and measurements every evening.

  • Excellent Progress

    Published on 10.06.2009

    After 18 days, the three-man expedition has already covered 718 km. A superb result.

  • “A catalogue of mishaps and disasters…”

    Published on 02.06.2009

    Day 12 of their expedition and the three men of the Emirates NBD Greenland Quest have already covered 207 km, despite the little setbacks and minor disasters that have happened along the way.  

  • The trio are finally out on the ice

    Published on 27.05.2009

    Having waited for Derek's skis to arrive, the three men have finally been taken out to the departure point of their expedition. And on 20th May, as scheduled, they set out on their trek of 3 500 km.

  • Where are Derek’s skis ?

    Published on 19.05.2009

    What can you do about planes that don't take off and bags that don't arrive at their destination? Not a lot, really, except wait. Which provided an opportunity for Adrian Hayes to recall some of the issues at stake surrounding his expedition.

  • Greenland 4 a Green and Sustainable Land

    Published on 28.04.2009

    Adrian Hayes's expedition has just been officially launched in Dubai with a hundred or so schoolchildren attending the event. The trio, consisting of Adrian Hayes, Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe, will be setting out in May.

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