Antarctic Odyssey

Major Meagan McGrath, aerospace engineer with the Canadian Air Force, has requested unpaid leave to embark on two adventures: to reach the South Pole from Patriot Hills and to attempt to climb five of the world's highest mountains, without oxygen.


Below are all the news we published about the Antarctic Odyssey expedition

  • She did it!

    Published on 17.01.2010

    Meagan McGrath, the Canadian career air force major, has succeeded in reaching the South Pole, solo, on time and without any major setbacks.

  • McGrath closing in on the Pole

    Published on 14.01.2010

    Because she has had battery problems, Meagan McGrath has not been reporting in much over the past two weeks. But despite that, everything seems to be going well on her trek and she is not far from her goal now.

  • No word from McGrath…

    Published on 28.12.2009

    There has not been any news at all from the Canadian adventurer Meagan McGrath since 17th December. No doubt she would rather focus on her progress and try to reach the South Pole on schedule.

  • Poor Conditions for Meagan McGrath

    Published on 23.12.2009

    We don't have much news of the Canadian military career adventuress, Megan McGrath. She seems to be having battery problems. Below, some extracts from the latest press release.

  • Talk, talk, talk…

    Published on 20.12.2009

    We knew when we began reporting on her 'Antarctic Odyssey' expedition that Canadian career air force officer, Meagan McGrath, could talk the hind leg off a donkey. And we were absolutely right...

  • McGrath Has Set Off Again OK

    Published on 14.12.2009

    The Canadian adventuress has won the polar adventurer community's admiration. The fact of resuming her trek after falling into a crevice was no routine occurrence.

  • McGrath falls heavily into a crevasse

    Published on 07.12.2009

    Although she has only just begun her trek from Hercules Inlet, Meagan McGrath has already suffered a heavy fall into a crevasse, where she was trapped for 8 hours before being rescued.

  • Patriot Hills at last

    Published on 01.12.2009

    Still as talkative as ever with her satphone, Meagan McGrath has been talking about her final days in Punta and her arrival at Patriot Hills.

  • On her way to Patriot Hills

    Published on 21.11.2009

    The Canadian adventurer Meagan McGrath (32) contacts her HQ every day by radio. On listening to her first dispatches, we have come to understand that the aerospace engineer definitely has the gift of the gab and likes to talk.

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