Base to the South Pole

Led by their 24-year-old guide, Sarah McNair-Landry, four tourists are attempting what has become the classic Antarctic route between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole. Their names are Tom Davenport, Steven Gates, Kari Gundeso and Ross Maxwell.


Below are all the news we published about the Base to the South Pole expedition

  • Sarah and Thomas flying their kites

    Published on 11.01.2009

    We have just had confirmation that Thomas Davenport and Sarah McNair Landry, who was the guide for the 'Base' expedition, are returning to Patriot Hills on skis, pulled along by their traction kites.

  • They’re (almost) all at the South Pole!

    Published on 06.01.2009

    The various expeditions are all arriving at the South Pole, one after the other. Once there, they are able to pass the time telling each other about their impressions and talking about their experiences while waiting for the ALE Twin Otter to come and pick them up.

  • They have now reached the plateau

    Published on 29.12.2008

    Sarah McNair-Landry's group has reached the polar plateau, at an altitude of 9 000 feet, without any problems and is continuing on its way, despite the tough travelling conditions.

  • Signs of fatigue…

    Published on 22.12.2008

    After 38 days out on the ice, niggling problems are now beginning to appear. Not so much in terms of the individuals themselves or their physical fitness, but in terms of their equipment.

  • First fresh supplies at Thiels Mountains

    Published on 17.12.2008

    The five polar tourists are still on their way. They have just passed the midway point and stopped for a day in the Thiels Mountains. A sight for sore eyes, by all accounts.

  • Ski 24 km and rise 100 metres in altitude

    Published on 08.12.2008

    Strong headwinds and sastruggis have slowed down the progress of the ANI polar tourists. But despite that, they are still doing pretty well.

  • They have celebrated passing 83 degrees south and the first drop-off point.

    Published on 05.12.2008

    Now that they have passed the 83rd parallel, some of the team members are already dreaming of the 85th, which means they will have completed half of their trek to the Pole.

  • Good days and bad days

    Published on 28.11.2008

    This group of beginners is discovering that a polar expedition is made up of both highs and lows. Good news and bad news alternate as the days go by, with not a single day resembling the day before.

  • Torn tents, painful blisters and all sorts of things…

    Published on 20.11.2008

    Things aren't easy when you're a group of tourists and you have to grit your teeth and put up with absolutely dreadful weather conditions out there on the ice. But for all that, the group led by Sarah McNair is managing pretty well.

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