Expedicion Caixanova 2008

After having achieved in becoming the first Spanish woman to conquer Mount Vinson, the mountaineer Chus Lago (Maria Jesus Lago Rey) has now set her hopes on completing the trek between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole, solo and unassisted.


Below are all the news we published about the Expedicion Caixanova 2008 expedition

  • The white lady, expedition leader, hereby certifies…

    Published on 11.01.2009

    The announcement of Spaniard Chus Lago's arrival at the South Pole was a little unusual, albeit suitably full of pomp and circumstance.

  • The nights are short and the days too long

    Published on 06.01.2009

    The going has been difficult for Chus Lago since she reached the polar plateau. Plus persistently bad weather...

  • Twenty-five kilometers a day

    Published on 29.12.2008

    Spaniard Chus Lago is travelling like clockwork at the rate of 25 kilometres a day. Except when...

  • Chus continues to make progress under a dull sky…

    Published on 22.12.2008

    Still covering approximately 25 kilometres a day, Chus Lago is steadily making her way towards the South Pole.

  • The South Pole no longer out of reach

    Published on 17.12.2008

    Chus Lago has stepped up the pace, even though she has no real reason to do so. But now she feels that the South Pole is by no means beyond her capabilities.

  • Like a well-oiled clock

    Published on 08.12.2008

    Although the conditions continue to be tough, Chus Lago is happy with her steady progress, despite suffering from loneliness.

  • 5 days without seeing the sky!

    Published on 05.12.2008

    There's a golden rule that virtually always applies in the Antarctic: if it's windy, there are no clouds, and vice versa.

  • Onwards past the 81st parallel!

    Published on 27.11.2008

    Chus Lago has reached a cruising speed.Despite the cold and wind that continues to blow on some days, the Spanish adventurer managed to cover an average of 18 kilometres a day between 18th and 25th November.

  • A very cautious start

    Published on 20.11.2008

    Maybe because she's a woman, Spaniard Chus Lago has made a more cautious start than the others. To start with, she wanted to avoid an area of crevasses that the other expeditions have had to make their way through.

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