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Together with Sébastien Lapierre, Olivier Giasson has tried a Greenland crossing in spring 2010. Both had to abandon due to the fact that arrived on the spot, they had received bad information and they have been dropped quite far (3 days skiiing) from the glacier they had choosen to climb to get on the plateau.

Although he has lived in the region of Outaouais for almost four years now, Olivier was born in Québec.  A lover of the great outdoors from a very early age, he soon learned to take anything nature could throw at him in his stride.  His appetite for risk, a need to surpass himself at all times and his dogged determination channelled him towards a career as a professional firefighter.  He subsequently specialised in rescues at heights, thereby combining a valuable skill with something he enjoyed doing.

His passion for open air activities has led him to travel just about everywhere in Québec, of course, but also throughout western Canada and Europe, enabling him to round out his knowledge and experience in the area.  Physical activity occupies a major part in Olivier’s life, which is why he takes part in a wide range of sports.   Underwater diving, river kayaking, mountain biking, downhill skiing and, of course, hiking and camping are just a few examples of how he spends his time.

Date of birth: 6th June 1985, place of residence: Gatineau, occupation: Fireman.


Editor's Note : together with Sébastien Lapierre or Rodolphe Journoud for instance, Olivier Giasson is one of these young men who desesperately want to become serious polard adventurers and who are quite interested by the protection of our envrionment. That's one of the reasons why, although they have not traveled a lot yet, we add these young people to our 'Poler Explorer' list.

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