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The Scott Mill Dave, born in 1968, will probably be remembered as the man who failed the Ward Hunt-North Pole trek three times in a row, in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Some say he was unlucky, others think that he should have been a bit more modest. The article by the English journalist Dea Birkett "An Unknown Hero", published in the Guardian in May 2002, described his 3rd attempt in a rather cynical way. Everything was centred on Mill's survival and on the dangers he had faced for several weeks. No mention of the Twin Otter pilot who risked his life to pick him up (85°42' North / 68°58' West). He was simply doing his job, wasn't he?

During his third attempt (spring 2002) to complete the Ward Hunt-North Pole trek solo, Dave Mills experienced quite a few problems (similarly to his two previous attempts). As soon as he left the coasts of Ellesmere, his stove stopped functioning. He had to call for help, return to Ward Hunt and wait for another stove. A famous story in the polar world ...

Two weeks after departure, he found himself in a "dramatic" situation. He was blocked on a piece of drifting ice from which he couldn't escape. On the 26th of April, he wrote in his journal: "I would give away my life for two giant steaks and a few plates of chips". On the 13th of May, it took him about three hours to accomplish a 600-meter progression. Conditions were so poor that he had to call the rescue team. The Twin Otter picked him up on the 19th of May.

His two previous attempts also failed similarly:

During his first attempt in 2000, the Scott became famous for resorting to ... telepathy! A contact had to send him random pictures and Dave had to write down his impression and send them back to his HQ, which would then compare his notes with postcards that were sent.

Being short on fuel, batteries and food while he was trying a trek solo without being resupplied, Dave had to be picked up on the 12th of May.

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