Amundsen team : near the goal / Scott Team : good mileage

Published on 06.01.2012 - The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race

For both team everything is working fine for these last days of the treks. But after all, if this expedition was really a race, the two people Amundsen team is obviously going to win.

Nothing much to say about the final approach for both teams.

Amundsen Team is near the pole and has another 53 nautical miles to go, three days probably, weather permitting. In addition, they take advantage of the smooth conditions encountered (milder temperatures, smoother terrain and less sastrugis).

For Scott Team, the three companions have just broken the 200 nautical miles to go barrier ; day after day, they notch excellent performances (15.3 nautical miles on 5 January, 15.8, the day before, 15.1 nautical miles on 3 January and so on... Besides everything is OK. Of course, seeing the other team reaching the goal (and winning the race), they start pushing a bit.

Here are they last figures :


Day 64 - January 5th : 89S5'46" 173W31'33" Wind: 9 mph Temperature: -44°c wind chill Altitude: 9,828 ft Daily distance travelled: 13.5 nmi Total distance travelled: 645.4 nmi Distance to the Pole: 53.5 nmi Weather: Very cold, on the whole good.

Day 63 - January 4th : 88S52'23" 173W29'10" Wind: 2 mph Temperature: -19°c (-29°c wind chill) Altitude: 9,951 ft Daily distance travelled: 14.5 nmi Total distance travelled: 631.9 nmi Distance to the Pole: 67 nmi Weather: Perfect, bright, good surface.

Day 62 - January 3rd : 88S37'56" 173W29'6" Wind: 5 mph Temperature: -43°c wind chill Altitude: 10,168 ft Daily distance travelled: 13 nmi Total distance travelled: 617.4 nmi Distance to the Pole: 81.5 nmi Weather: Perfect, good surface, no wind.

Day 61 - January 2nd : 88S25'2" 173W31'25" Wind: 26 mph Temperature: -47°c wind chill Altitude: 10,338 ft Daily distance travelled: 12.6 nmi Total distance travelled: 604.4 nmi Distance to the Pole: 94.5 nmi Weather: Very cold, windy, zero visibility.


Day 64 - January 5th : 86S54'24", 160E17'11" Wind: 9-12 mph southeasterly Temperature: -22 (-42 wind chill) Altitude: 11,057 ft Daily distance travelled: 15.3 nmi Total distance travelled: 592.5 nmi Distance to the Pole: 187 nmi Weather: Bright, sunny, good visibility.

Day 63 - January 4th : 86S39'11", 160E18'1" Wind: 8-12 mph Temperature: -24 (-40 wind chill) Altitude: 9,406 ft Daily distance travelled: 15.8 nmi Total distance travelled: 577.2 nmi Distance to the Pole: 202 nmi Weather: Very clear, cold wind.

Day 62 - January 3rd : 86S23'28", 160E9'58" Wind: 18-20mph Temperature: -24 (-36 wind chill) Altitude: 9,222 ft Daily distance travelled: 15.1 nmi Total distance travelled: 561.4 nmi Distance to the Pole: 218 nmi Weather: Started windy but calm later.

Day 61 - January 2nd : 86S8'32", 160E27'31" Wind: 18mph, gusting 25 mph Temperature: -22 (-38 wind chill) Altitude: 8,770 ft Daily distance travelled: 4 nmi Total distance travelled: 546.3 nmi Distance to the Pole: 233 nmi Weather: Clouds, cold, windy, white out.

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