For M. Wood, it’s too hot out there !

Published on 12.12.2011 - North South Solo Expedition -Leg 2

These last few days, the satcom do not pass very well between the Antarctic and the UK. So not many news coming from Mark Wood since 9 December.

The audios coming from Mark Wood trek are of poor quality these last days ; so even though if the expeditioner is talking to his satphone every day, we do not understand everything he has to say.

But so far, we know that he is in good shape and well taking care about his health and body (drinking enough, eating well). Besides, he is making about between 15 and 18 km daily.

He does not speak much about the weather because being on the superstitious side, he fears that the only fact of saying that the weather is glorious could well be a sign that it becomes suddenly bad.

He had also the time to say that the sun is extremely hot out there and that he has to be quite cautious with the protection of his skin.

On 11 December, he has done 15 km, trying to maintain that pace for the coming days.


7 December - Day 16 / Latitude: -82.0773 / Longitude: -79.9398
Temperature: -7°C / Windspeed: 1 mph

8 December - Day 17 / Latitude: -82.3115 / Longitude: -79.5795
Temperature: -15°C / Windspeed: 18 mph

9 December -Day 18 / Latitude: -82.53 / Longitude: -79.4886
Temperature: -18°C / Windspeed: 15 mph

10 December - Day 19 / Latitude: -82.7337 / Longitude: -79.6401
Temperature: -20°C / Windspeed: 25 mph

11 December - Day 21 / Latitude: -82.9707  / Longitude: -79.8481
Temperature: -15°C / Windspeed: 8 mph

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