Frustrating, depressing, boring…

Published on 15.01.2012 - Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition

Felicity Aston is feeling frustrated to be obliged to do always the same things days after days. Her head is almost empty now and skiing for her has almost become like a form of meditation.

On 14 January, Aston crossed the degree 82. So no more than less than three degrees left to cover. Hercules Inlet being at 80°5′ South / 78°30′ West´╗┐.

Fortunately, the voyage should be soon over because Aston desesperately needs a hot shower and new clothes.

When does Felicity feel the most depressed and frustrated ? When the weather is bad, the sky cloudy and the terrain bumpy. Of course, the everlasting repetition of the same movements every day brings also a sort of frustration, monotony and boredom. But as along as she can see the horizon and the difference between the immensity if the ice and the one of the sky, that's almost ok.

But being always alone with her thoughts that are rolling over in her head since weeks and weeks (almost 70 days), also presents an opportunity to learn something about the mental processes that enable self-discipline, perseverance, motivation and, ultimately, achievement when under pressure. Aston declares : "In preparation for the expedition, I worked with Dr Stephen Pack, a Senior Lecturer / Researcher at the University of Hertfordshire specializing in Sport and Exercise Psychology. He is an expert in the use of psychological skills by sport performers, the implementation of psychological skills training, and the use of counselling skills in sport and exercise psychology. Dr Pack taught me some tools and techniques that helped her prepare for, and process, the mental rigours of the expedition and the months of isolation in a demanding environment. ..."



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