Nearly at the Pole

Published on 30.12.2010 - The South Pole and Back (solo)

Despite some solar lead charging problems, Chris Foot is approaching the South Pole. He still has the intention of going back to Union Glacier base camp the same way.

Very often in the world of the polar adventure, the travellers who go for a return trek Hercules Inlet - South Pole, are forced to abandon when finishing the first leg and reaching the South Pole. Either they are too tired to continue, either they have major technical problems, or sometimes they are even wounded.

With Chris Foot, this is not the case : on 27 December, someone from his headquarters announced that he had serious problems with his solar lead charging his computer and that he could not send his dispatches as he used to do during the first weeks of his adventure. This was of course a major setback. Not knowing what Chris' reaction would be, his HQ had already found a norwegian traveller, Christian Eide, who is for the present time on the itinerary Hercules Inlet - South Pole (with three weeks behind Chris) and who would be ready to give him new leads he brought with him. 

Two days after, the day 35 of the expedition, the solution came from the antarctic plateau itself! Excerpts of Chris' diary : "... The illusive man has surfaced on the radar and has not run a ground. Due to a critical item of charging equipment falling out with me, I have had no option but to minimize all phone activity lately. The problem was solved or should I say overcome for the time being with my extensive repair kit. I utilized all 3 items of zip ties, duck tape and hair wax to amend this little badger. Update, I am past the 88. The last 3 days have been tough going with disturbed ice and big sastrugi. Like being on that one way ticket stairwell to hell where you hold on for dear life and scream if you dare to go faster! No screaming, just sulks of this is not fair Miss. I saw the Ken Borak red freedom bird fly from the pole direction full 0f happy chappies no doubt. Sat and Watched it for a while, no tail number captured just the sight of its vapor trail puffing the word "loser" Around 6 days to the pole so things are heating up, real progress. Everyone should be well rounded I hope consuming food, drink and more food. The only major quest left for you is polishing the large quality street box off, all the coffee ones too then renew your gym membership to build up strength ready to fight off the January blues... You all know what's happening now and I should update tomorrow...."

No doubt that this guy will do everything he can to achieve his goal and to make the return trek Hercules Inlet - South Pole safely.

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