Ousland/Eide’s clients have made it to the Pole

Published on 21.12.2011 - The South Pole Jubilee Expedition

Notable performance for the clients guided by Christian Eide to the SP. They started at the bottom of Axel Heiberg glacier on 27 November and arrived at the SP on 19 December ; they were 23 days on the ice.

It was of course an immense joy -and relief- for these tourists to get to the Pole without being seriously injured on the way. Lars Ebbesen, Børge Ousland's website contributor, wrote yesterday 20 December : "... Wednesday / South Pole : It was absolutely fantastic to arrive at the South Pole. The whole team bubbled over with joy and proudness. And, to be fair, it was a stunning trip. It was one of the fastest ever trips from the coast to the South Pole. They did one of the big historic routs, they did a rout that is harder, higher and colder than all other routs in use. And they did it in style: No problems, no wounds, no breaking of equipment, no mistakes. They did ii unsupported and unassisted. – What more can be asked? That they also walked like clockwork in very taxing and harsh conditions says a lot of the determination and preparation that has gone into this trip.

The Days at the Pole has been bliss. The Jubilee Camp was still up and they have been able to sit on chairs! Being served food! Drinking coffee and chatting leisurely. And even had the od glass of red vine!

It has been a well deserved day and a great way to let the victory sink in...."

But the journey is not over yet. At least for the ones ho have decided to proceed and kiteski back to Union Glacier ALE basecamp. In fact, four of them are leaving the expedition, mostly because of the late start of the trek (at the bottom of Axel Heiberg) : if they don't go back home before a certain date, they'll lose their job ! So for the final leg SP > Union Glacier ALE basecamp, they will five of them including Christian Eide, the expedition leader.

They hope to do the 1140 km trek in less than 3 weeks, thanks to being able to combine the use of kites and skis. So they should have already started by now, Wednesday 21 December, -the last update announcing their prompt departure having been posted yesterday.


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