Success For ‘Deepsea Under The Pole’

Published on 07.01.2011 - Under the

Last spring, we followed the Ghislain Bardout 'Deepsea Under The Pole by Rolex' Expedition. We are returning to it for a moment because of the success that this unprecedented adventure has had now that it has taken place.

Although it was not concluded on time because of a degraded ice-barrier and therefore of the impossibility for the expedition’s eight men and women to complete the entirety of the North Pole / North Canada trip as envisaged, the expedition has brought back some breathtakingly beautiful images in its luggage. 

On several occasions indeed, the Bardout divers ventured sometimes far beneath the ice-barrier and therefore filmed a world that had hitherto not been shown. Even if the scientific discoveries of the marine animal-life in this part of our globe have been rather rare, the media professionals have been convinced both by the approach and by the beauty of the sequences.

The film of the expedition has therefore been made. It was directed by Thierry Robert and co-produced by Docside and Base Oceans; “We Walked Under The Pole” will be broadcast on France 3 - Thalassa on Friday, 14 January at around 20:35.

In addition, this 52-minute documentary has won five prizes, plus a very special one:&nbsThe La Rochelle Adventure Festival’s Grand Prix :

  • The Dijon Adventure Screens “Golden Fleece” Grand Prix 
  • The Dijon Young People’s Prize 
  • The Autrans Festival’s National Geographic Prize 
  • The Belgrade International Underwater Film Festival”s Grand Prix 
  • A “Special Prize” awarded to the dog Kayak for its endurance and courage (in Dijon… and accompanied by a splendid bone!).
  • The documentary will continue to be broadcast through several festivals and meetings in 2011. To be followed on

    The film will also broadcast in its English language version, “Deepsea Under The Pole”, on the National Geographic Channel throughout 2011. In September 2011, the release of the book and the DVD is envisaged.


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