Abandon for the Norwegians too

Published on 02.04.2012 - North Pole 2012

Bad luck for Mads Agerup and Rune Midtgaard

Bad luck for Mads Agerup and Rune Midtgaard

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After having spent almost two weeks on the ice, and progressing well, the duo Mads Agerup & Rune Midtgaard took the decision to give up. Mads got a stinging frostbite on each thumb.

They were progessing well

Bad luck for the Norwegians Mads Agerup & Rune Midtgaard : after having been dropped on 19 March on Ellesmere Island at the poitn Caped Discovery, they headed North and despite a very chaotic ice they were progressing well ; a daily average of 20 km distance. Not bad for a progression taking place int he middle of the worst part of the ice pack (thie first 250 kilometers).

But on 28 March, Mads got a severe frosbite on each thumb. Of course they did not want to decide right away about the remaining of their adventure : better progressing ahead a few days more.

But rapidly the decision to give up had to be taken : just because the thumbs of Mads Agerup deteriotated very quickly and according to the adventurers together with the specialists base at their HQ, it was much too risky to continue the expedition.

Playing cat and mouse with the weather

Here are some excerpts of their last daily blog : "... Day 13 (31 March) : The puzzle to get Mads and Rune out is in play. The weather in the pick-up area is perfect: cold, clear, very got visibility and contrast, no wind. The Ken Borek plane left Resolute Bay last evening to stay the night at Eureka. But this morning the weather was deteriorating with some snow and increasing winds. So the plane stay put for the time being.The forecast is for more of the same in the Eureka area and a chance of clouds and some fog plus a bit more wind up by the guys during Sunday. – This will be a puzzle and will relay on small windows opening at the right moments.We are keeping our fingers (eh – sorry, toes) crossed.

Sunday: after having played cat and mouse with the weather, the pilots found a window big enough to fly out. After circling for a while they had to set the plane down 3,5Nm from Mads and Rune. But they had contact and they skied over after rapidly breaking camp.The plane then took of after some two and a half our on the ice. It is expected to land in Eureka 22:50Z. Hopefully they will continue to Resolute for a medical check. ..."



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