Amundsen team is almost over with Heiberg, Scott team starts the ascent of Beardmore

Published on 13.12.2011 - The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race

Both teams are still negociating the respective glaciers they have chosen : the Axel Heiberg for the Amundsen team of course, and the Beardmore glacier for the Scott team.

Amundsen team

Striking rock faces and daunting crevasses : that's the Amundsen team's environment these last days. The deep snow atop the glacial stream makes the going very tough made worse by the steep ascent from 980 feet above sea level to a heady 2,309. Despite this, the guys manage 8.8 nautical miles, and while the disappointment is clear in Henry’s voice, it’s excellent going. It seems though that the final ascent of Axel Heiberg glacier is quite difficukltu and takes a lot of energy from the four guys bodies.

Scott Team

Excerpts of the 12 December update : " ...  Mount Hope gives the Scott team hope on Day 40 as they cross onto the Beardmore Glacier, a momentous occasion indeed! Vic describes the glacier wonderfully, as a 10-mile wide expanse, covered in deep snow and surrounded by mountainous terrain. We’re glad to hear that the guys will remain “roped up” as they traverse the crevasse fields of the glacier and ascend almost 900 feet to today’s finishing point. As the guys end phase one of their journey and say good bye to the Ross Ice Shelf, Vic takes the opportunity to reflect on the past 40 days. There have been some truly great, poignant moments as the guys begin to understand the experiences and sacrifices of Scott 100 years ago. ...

The rope connecting them together -a safety precaution in case one of them falls down a crevasse- isn’t proving bothersome. On 13 December, they pass near the place where one Scott team member, Edgar Evans had perished in 1912, the three of them payed their respect with a little run and a small service in honour of the biritish explorer.

On 13 December, the Scott team has now passed the halfway mark.

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