Amundsen Team touches the SP / Scott Team is 125 Nm behind…

Published on 10.01.2012 - The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race

After 68 days and 700 nautical miles, Henry Worlsey and Lou Rudd forming the Amundsen team have arrived at the South Pole on 9 January. The other team doesn't know yet they have been beaten by their companions.

In comparison with ...

The day before, they had stopped their march at only 12 nautical miles from the goal. They want to experience more their victory, not to hurry too much towards the finishing line, in order to have a better and longer feeling of this event which will, without any doubt, mark the rest of their lives. Having another small day tomorrow, eh, being now 100 % certain to have the victory in hands, that's a marvellous feeling...

This is all the more true that, unlike their companions of the other team, the Scott team, they lost rather quickly in the trek one of their teammate who had to be rescued by the ALE CD3 on 5 November, the day 3 of the expedition.

In addition, these two guys can not help but thinking that one hundred years ago, the big Amundsen together with his four companions have also arrived before the other explorers who had started from cape Evans.

Even if this voyage has of course nothing to do with the historical event of 1911, the places remain the same, the glaciers remain the same, maybe the ice remain the same as well... So the comparison may well knock on the door... And of course, no matter the context, they have anyway won the race!

Last figures


Day 67 - January 8th / 89S48'5" 175W33'26" / Wind: 6 mph / Temperature: -25°c / Altitude: 9,309 ft . Daily distance travelled: 14.1 nmi / Total distance travelled: 688.2 nmi / Distance to the Pole: 11 nmi / Weather: Mediocre visibility, no wind, warm.

Day 66 - January 7th / 89S34'7" 177W46'30" / Wind: 8 mph / Temperature: -37°c wind chill / Altitude: 9,411 ft / Daily distance travelled: 14.5 nmi / Total distance travelled: 674.1 nmi / Distance to the Pole: 25 nmi : Weather: Hazy, no wind, cold, good surface.

Day 65 - January 6th / 89S19'52" 174W24'39" / Wind: 8 mph / Temperature: -32°c wind chill / Altitude: 9,732 ft / Daily distance travelled: 14.2 nmi : Total distance travelled: 659.6 nmi / Distance to the Pole: 39.3 nmi / Weather: Good visibility, light wind, cold.


Day 68 - January 9th / 87S55'0", 157E53'36" / Wind: 5-8 knts / Temperature: -24 (-36 wind chill) / Altitude: 11,472 ft / Daily distance travelled: 15.6 nmi / Total distance travelled: 654.8 nmi / Distance to the Pole: 125 nmi / Weather: Overcast at start, then clea.

Day 67 - January 8th / 87S39'31", 157E54'10" / Wind: 5-8 mph / Temperature: -24 (-34 wind chill) / Altitude: 11,435 ft / Daily distance travelled: 15.7 nmi / Total distance travelled: 639.2 nmi / Distance to the Pole: 140 nmi / Weather: Overcast, clear & sunny later.

Day 66 - January 6th / 87S24'8", 159E2'4" / Wind: 12-18 mph southeasterly / Temperature: -12 (-38 wind chill) / Altitude: 11,452 ft / Daily distance travelled: 14.9 nmi / Total distance travelled: 623.5 nmi / Distance to the Pole: 156 nmi / Weather: Very cold, sunny, strong wind.

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