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Published on 13.01.2012 - Pole to Pole Run

Almost nothing specilal to say about Pat Farmer's run on the ice. Except that these last days he has reduced his pace quite a bit.

On 10 January, Pat Farmer has met the Aussies Cas and Jonesy who are on the way back from the Pole. And two days before, on 9 January, he has met also Christian Eide's team as well as solo Felicity Aston, all rushing to Hercules Inlet of course.

Besides, looking at the figures below one can notice that Farmer has reduced his pace quite a bit : from 70 kil a day in the beginning of his trip, he runs now at a pace of about 50-60 kil daily.

12 January / We are on the plateau we are all loving the exposure. Pat is working hard but smelling the roses / Accumulated distance: 811 km / Distance to go: 340 km / Name: Camp 13 / Elevation: 1969 m / Latitude: 86° 46’ 23” South - Longitude: 81° 42’ 59” West.

11 January / Met Aussies Cas & Jonesy yesterday who are on their way back from an unsupported round trip to pole. Looking crusty but strong / Accumulated distance: 756 km / Distance to go: 395 km

11 January / 2.15am And Just Finished Boiling Water. Delayed Start Due To Bad Visibility, May Be Same Tomorow. Eric /  Accumulated distance: 756 km / Distance to go: 395 km / Name: Camp 12 / Elevation: 1746 m / Latitude: 86° 16’ 47” South - Longitude: 81° 34’ 43” West.

10 January / We are now following a track less travelled and Pat finds the surface testing. Blue, clear, still. Eric / Accumulated distance: 706 km / Distance to go: 445 km / Name: Camp 11 / Elevation: 1593 m / Latitude: 85° 49’ 58” South / Longitude: 81° 33’ 17” West.

09 January / A day of socialising as a team of 6 kiters and a lone girl passed by, all heading north. Hi, bye! Eric / Accumulated distance: 646 km / Distance to go: 505 km / Name: Camp10 / Elevation: 1371 m / Latitude: 85° 17’ 43” South - Longitude: 80° 59’ 26” West.

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