Christina’s Halfway There

Published on 31.03.2010 - North Pole Solo 2010

Just like the other teams on the ice in the area, Christina is having to cope with a strong westwardly drift. How?

She just has to focus on walking forward, even if it's to some extent negated by the drift, and avoid worrying about anything else. That in any case is the tactic that Christina Franco seems to have adopted, if you listen to her audio blog each day. Evening after evening, she communicates her daily coordinates with the greatest calm in the world and, with each transmission, we can see that she is at least 30 minutes, if not a whole degree, to the west of where she was the previous evening. Here's the proof:

  • 28 March: 84° 33' 24" N / 81° 33' 29" W.
  • 29 March: 84° 38' 50" N / 82° 15' 52" W.
  • 30 March: 84° 44' 48" N / 83° 22' 06" W.
  • 31 March: 84° 49' 27" N / 83° 42' 39" W.

In two days therefore, she has drifted westwards by two degrees and nine minutes. More than ten kilometres probably. Be that as it may, Christina has calculated that on 30 March, she was still with 587 kilometres from the Pole and that she had just passed the symbolic 600 kilometre point, which gave her courage and made her forget the drift a little.

She's doing everything she can to get to the 85th Degree (in latitude obviously) by the evening of 02 April. And above all, she's keeping her spirits up.

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