Christmas’ emotions overwhelmed Mark George

Published on 26.12.2011 - South Pole Solo

On 26 December, M. George had his first cup of tea for all his voyage ; it was time to re-think about Christmas day and all the pleasures which are attached to that big christian feast.

Taking a deep breath

Thanks to the last high technologies, everyone can now communicate with anyone else on the world, no matter where he (she) is. It happens also in the 6th Continent with the diffference that once getting closer to the Pole, one may encouner sometimes difficulties to reach the satellite.

Fortunately for Aussie Mark George who had a lot of people to think of.  He even has a companion, Bruce Moncrief, who is taking part at the famous Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (64th edition).The race has jsut started few hours ago. He has of course also all his family to honour and give lots of love.

On 23 December, he writes : "... Here in my own little (big) world out here I have been totally sheltered by all the Christmas fever that hits us each year.  It is quite surreal missing out on all the hype but I know it is an exciting time of year.  I know many of you will have finished kinder, school and work and are busy getting christmas presents ready and looking forward to a break.  I will still be posting my blog over this time so look forward to you following me over christmas/new year and posting comments. ..."

Last figures

  • 26 December : 86°19.766 S - 81°12.202  W / Distance: 10.4 nautical miles –  ok on reduced time (it’s christmas!) / Elevation: 1790m / Time: 6 hours / Weather: a lovely xmas day / Snow: flat and reasonable.
  • 25 December : 86°09.446 S - 81°02.590 W / Distance: 15.4 nautical miles / Elevation: 1732 metres above sea level / Time: 9 hours / Weather – 5knot head wind but sunny / Snow:  Soft and uphill !
  • 24 December : 85°54.100 S - 81°13.627 W / Distance:  15.6 nautical miles / Time: 9.5 hrs / Weather: beautiful…fingers crossed for tomorrow it is the same. 
  • 23 December : 85°38.522 S - 81°28.681 W / Distance: 13.7 nautical miles / Time: 9.5 hours / Weather:  barmy / Snow:  soft again, weather has been warmer so snow softer and tougher.  bring it on….
  • 22 December : 85°24.849 S - 81°30.103 W / Distance: 12.7  nautical miles (happy with this because of conditions) / Time:  9 hours  ( I stopped early to build a snow wall around a wall) / Weather: 30-35 knot head wind all day : Snow:  like skiing on brie cheese (soft and very sticky).
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