Dixie & Sam : Tipping Point

Published on 15.01.2012 - Antarctic Ice Expedition

The Belgians are stuck in an area of the Antarctic that is for the most part windless. They still have a month travel to go. And still they have an unspeakable amount of kilometeres to cover before returning to the belgian PEA station.

Fortunately, thanks to a little bit of sun, Dixie and Sam could recharge their batteries with their solar panels, so they are not anymore completely isolated like they were the days before. In addition, they have plenty of supply -fuel and food- and their spirits are high.

But for the present time they have to face another reality : the fickle wind on the outskirts of Dome C is simply not providing them with their expressway to the finish. And of course they are deseperate to ge out of the place : during nights they even do not succeed to sleep well because they want to be in a constant awareness of any sound which might indicate the coming of the winds. On 11 January, they took a rest day, the next day, they did 0 kilometer, on 13 January, they did a poor 3 kil - that gives 3 kil in three days and having about another 3.000 kil to go...

One can easily understand that the guys do not look too happy when they have their HQ on the phone.

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