Dropping the visit of East coast…

Published on 25.07.2011 - Avannaq 2011

"Avannaq" landed to Narssaq on 23 July. With plan B dropping the visit of East Coast, they haven't got the opportunity  to sail through an unpracticable Prins Christian Sound propped out of ice.

They had left the only solution to sail around Cap Farvel under 59 N South Greenland with a first landing to Narssaq.

Excerpts of Auzias' logbook (24 July): "Avannaq sailed under summerly weather from Reykjavik the 15th of July with a weak easterly breeze which turned Danemark Strait passage more as a farniente episode with a succession of happy cockpit coktail party's under pilot than an intensiv navigation. My 3 last crossing on board of Danish War Ship in summer time was respectivly with 60 kt wind from NE and the 2 others reached some days the 45 kt - There with a small 100 miles run by day, was I nearly tempted to have a bath with sweet whales passing by.

By 60 N, a deep fog showed up, with up to 1/8 mile visibility and no wind at all. Icebergs around with a potential doubt about our radar capacity to detect them turned  the navigation more hasardous wet and cold outside.

Wind came back the 22d of July as we reached the 59 N some  70 miles south Cap Farvel. NE wind grew up in the evening to an established 40 kt with wild period up to 70 kt.

We kept the storm jib to be able to negociate some very arrogant waves pushing us into infernal surfes. Avannaq collapsed 2 times knocked down during this long night without to be able to help her to come up again. Just pray or wait or what ever else. The fact to believe into her  seemed to be the right way for us to do not loose selfcontrol as to just watch to these incredible sealandscapes. In the  morning of he 23 d, the  wind went to the East and died as it came.

 We passed the 60N again for the third time as the first iceberg showed up in the horizon.

As a symbol, the beautiful Inspection Ship HMDS Hvidbjørn (White Bear) from the Danish Royal Navy came in radio contact with us to confirm that Qaqortoq fjord was ice free.

Some 40 miles later we landed into Narssaq ready to joint the population to wish welcome to the Danish Royal family in the frame of their Greenland official summer journey on board of their beautiful Yacht the unforgetable and so elegant HMDS Dannebrog.

Temperature in Narssaq is about 5C, rain and fog with a new 985 hPa  announced. Every thing is wet on board with a constant 100% dumpness. It is funny to considerate that we are in fine form and well adapted to our living condition and ready to reach Grønlands Kommando Naval Station in Grønnedal/Ivittut about the 29 of July...."

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