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Published on 16.01.2012 - South Pole Race 2011/2012 Centenary Race

The teams on the ice

The teams on the ice

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After all the protagonists got together at the start line located at about 700 kil from the South Pole, the EWR race is now on. Some participants had to give up already. BBC TV presenter Helen Skelton is followed by the EWR logistic. She is not racing with the others but still on the move to try to reach SP (see our coverage).

For the ones who would like to keep following this event, we invite them to follow the Centenary race with all the teams on ice on the EWR website. Todd Martin, CEO of EWR, reports. Here is how these updates look like.

Todd Martin

Day 55 the 15th of January and Helen has skied another 18 miles. Softer snow has made it a lot harder, however she does not stop smiling and joking around. With fresh blisters and still a long way to go Helen is still in high spirits. Happy Feet is watching over them and is looking forward to the finish line. Happy Feet will then start his journey to Siberia and then to Lake Baikal to experience EWR's race on the ice for the Siberian Black Ice Race.

The crew supporting Blue Peter's ‘Helens Polar Challenge’ in aid of Sport Relief is working round the clock to ensure everyone stays in a safe environment whilst operating in the highest, driest and coldest desert.

It has been mentioned that luck is on the whole teams’ side, however I disagree. Luck can simply be defined as Preparation meets Opportunity. In life an opportunity will be presented to you many times, this is good if you are prepared to run with it and take it on board. So if you are in a constant state of preparation then you have a high chance of meeting the opportunity, therefore maybe appearing to be lucky. However if you have not prepared the opportunity will simply pass you by and will not come back. Have a think about it and see if you can remember such a time in your life.

Racer's Update

16 January In the early hours of race day 12 at 04.00hrs Team Centrepoint snuck into the Checkpoint after completing a hard final push to get in. The guys are well and good and in great spirits and looking remarkable fresh considering the terrain covered. After a good 12 hrs sleep the boys are up and about and will receive a complete medical from the Race Doctor before heading off towards the South Pole for the final leg. The guys were pleased to see their race colleague Andrew looking better after receiving some treatment and rest on his damaged arm and will re-join the lads for the final push.

Mission Possible also arrived later during the day at 17.37 to enjoy the rest period of 24hrs before continuing with the race to the South Pole. Both Pete and Bramm were in good form as they crossed the checkpoint line with many tales to tell of their adventure so far.

With all teams safely into the Checkpoint the final stage of the Centenary Race to the South Pole is set to be an interesting finale...

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