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Published on 11.05.2007 - The Arctic Arc

The expedition that has to deposit some supplies (the second resupply of the expedition) for Alain and Dixie in the north of Greenland left Brussels the day before yesterday. For the time being, Arnaud Tortel and Didier Goetghebuer are blocked by the storm in Ilulisat, Greenland.

From now on, we will also keep you informed of this expedition within the expedition. In fact, Hubert's two friends (as a reminder, his first expedition to the North Pole in 1994 was carried out with Goetghebuer, and Tortel is his dietician) have to go up on to the Greenland icecap and to deposit, at the level of the glacier by which Arctic Arc will be passing, the necessary replenishment for the end of the adventure.

For the moment, we don't yet know how Arnaud and Didier will be getting up on to the icecap; it's a question either of doing it by helicopter, or quite simply by means of a traditional ascent. It will all depend on the weather conditions.

Tortel and Goetghebuer have enough time

What is in any event certain, is that the two men have enough time. Because Arctic Arc has been considerably delayed and should not be reaching the replenishment location before the second fortnight of June. Not having to hurry is great, because Tortel and Goetghebuer will need a lot of time. Indeed, between the coast and the deposit location, there should be approximately 470 miles â€" 940 miles return. However even if in Greenland the progress conditions are obviously easier than those of the Arctic pack ice, one cannot underestimate a journey of some 940 unassisted miles. Moreover, this other pair will have to progress while pulling the sledge and by setting up camp each evening, as there is as yet no motel on the Greenlandic icecap. Prudence therefore.

Goetghebuer and Tortel have therefore taken this adventure within the adventure very seriously. And consequently, they've been training for it. Regularly, we will be giving news of their progress, already regretting the fact that the two teams will be unable to meet; on the one hand, Goetghebuer and Tortel cannot wait too long on the icecap (they have business commitments), and on the other, as we've just said, Alain and Dixie will not be arriving on time.

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