F. Aston is still waiting for her flight to the Ross Iceshelf

Published on 24.11.2011 - Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition

British explorer Felicity Aston had the chance to fly to Union Glacier ALE base camp on 18 November. But so far no chance with the weather : it's not good enough to fly to the Ross Iceshelf and to the starting point of her expedition.

Here is what Felicity had to say on 21 November (three days ago) about her waiting in Union Glacier ALE base camp : "... On the far side of Antarctica where I want to start my expedition, currently it's not good enough to fly so I'm still sitting here waiting for an opportunity for the plane to drop me off at the start point of the trip. So little bit frustrating more than I am used but I'm keeping myself busy and going through using the time to go to my kit again and go through my re-supplies and it doesn't seem to matter how many times I comb through my sledges every time I look through them again I find someting no matter how small to take away -be it just a label, packaging or something or some tiny little bit of kit that I've decided I can do without.

And the longer I wait here, the lighter my sledgges are going to be, even if it's only marginally. But, you know, I'm warm, Im happy and my tent is set up and we get fed really well here at the base camp to breakfast, lunch and dinner so I'm certainly living well; and if you have to hang around a few days this is a great spot to dot it -Union Glacier really is a lovely spot, completely surrounded by mountains on all sides and ironically the weather here is absolutely beautiful, it's really warm, there's no wind -so I'm getting good sleep and it's just a matter of sitting tight and waiting to be given the go-ahead, so that's what I'm going to do. So fingers crossed for Wednesday, hopefully, I'll be gone by then. Ok, speak to you soon. ..."

What a remarkable way to get the things right when adversity strikes the daily tasks.

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