First Stage Is Over

Published on 20.08.2007 - The Arctic Voice

Glenn Morris and Stephen Doughty have just got to Kugluktuk. Which means that the first stage of their expedition is now over. The adventure will continue from the same place in eight months time.

The two men arrived at Kugluktuk on August 16th, marking the end of the first stage of their expedition.

The last fortnight of this coastal navigation was free of major hindrance. Admittedly, they had to face terrible storms on several occasions, which sometimes meant that they had to stay in their tent for four days on end. But, apart from those slight setbacks, their navigation aboard their kayak occurred without technical breakdown and within the envisaged timeframe.
The most interesting part of this adventure was once again their meeting with some Inuits and the information that they were able to gather concerning the way in which those people were experiencing the effects of climate change.

An Unexpected Encounter

Many things were learnt from an encounter with Jack and his wife Joanne when going around Cape Kendall. Of course, when seeing those peaceful fishermen, they stopped and struck up conversation. However, it so happens that Jack is Chairman of the Kugluktuk Fishermen and Trappers Association. A man who knows many things and who is interested in climate problems. When Stephen and Glenn pointed out to him that, during their navigation, the sea seemed to be devoid of fish everywhere, Jack replied that the fish were now tending to migrate northwards in search of colder water. He also told them that the Kugluktuk ice hockey stadium that used to freeze in winter would no longer do so nowadays.

How Much Money Do They Have?

Another change that Jack mentioned to the two adventurers in this conversation in the middle of nowhere. Formerly, the elderly were respected for their knowledge of the environment and for the advice that they would impart to all and sundry on matters of everyday life. Now that everything is computerised and society has less use for the elderly, the respect that the young show them depends on their bank account.

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