Five days of good weather ?

Published on 19.11.2011 - South Pole 1911-2011, Two Men One Goal

They could finally move forwards, but for how long ?

They could finally move forwards, but for how long ?

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On 14 November, their HQ received finally good news from the field : the weather was improving and the tandem could finally move forwards. But for how long ?

We are some days late for the daily reports because, the duo hasn's sent fresh news since 16 November. That day, the sun had finally come out as the team was almost on the top of a hill, and they could recharge their batteries and solar panels.

On 15 November they wrote : " ... After yesterday's terrific effort to get to where we are now, carrying our heavy sledges on such steep hill with so much powder and without knowing where to stand as visibility levers were so low, we planted our tent underneath an ice barrier of approximately 2 kilometers long. We could see loads of crevices around us and it would have been crazy to carry on in such conditions.

The main thing today it has been again the visibility and because of the number of crevices around us we will stay indoors. We are only 2 kilometers away of a safe GPS point, but in order to get there we have to go up again and go around this massive ice barrier. Wind conditions are not great, but good enough to advance. We only need to be able to see better!

Everyone knows that from the sea to Latitude 81º, there is the most complicated part of our journey to the South Pole. And we are doing this part in the worst possible conditions, of wind, visibility and snow.

Now we understand why the "Al Filo de lo Imposible" group said the first 100 kilometers made them almost abandon because of its toughness. And we now also understand why it has so much value to do it without any support, as they carried sledges of only 80 kilograms, and deposits along the way. We are doing the same with 135 Kg. sledges. ..."

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