From ice to bitumen

Published on 30.05.2011 - Pole to Pole Run

What is easier ? Ice or road ?

What is easier ? Ice or road ?

© Farmer's website

Pat Farmer has started his long and infernal run to South Pole. He left the city of Radisson on 19 May, north-east Canada. And now he is 'in the frying pan'... 

One will soon ask oneself what environment was easier to progress on ? Ices or roads ? We do not have the answer yet. But one thing is certain : Pat Farmer has quite a hard time since he left Radisson more than a week ago.

A camera follows the runner

In fact, the way he communicates on his website (by short videos sent every day or every two days) is an true information by itself. As the camera is focused on the runner (while he runs and sometimes after a long day), one can easily imagine how much he is sufffering, what are his main concerns for this beginning of his adventure.

For that matter, Pat is not trying to hide himself behind so called 'political' declarations. Yes, after having succeeded the trek North Pole - Ward Hunt (quite a feat in itself, above all during this season), he has quite a hard time again. Here is what Pat writes on 27 May : "... Out of the freezer and into the frying pan! I've moved from 20 km per day to 80 km per day and now my body is shouting loud "Stop, stop doing this to me!" But I've heard this all before and the only way I will achieve this epic goal is if I listen to my mind, not my body. Of course I hurt, of course my hands and feet are swollen, naturally I have blisters, bruising and stomach cramps. After all, it's not every day that you go from -30C to +30C. From ice to bitumen, snow shoes to joggers or dehydrated food that tastes like hot plastic to spaghetti and salmon fish cakes. It's been a long week already. Only 13 more countries, one more "Pole" and 18 million more steps to go. Stay with me. ..."

An assistance is following Farmer all the way through...

An assistance is following Farmer all the way through...

© Farmer's website

A small massage on a massage bed...

Not only the difficulties he is writing about are not easy to overcome. There are some other ones. Example : the way the roads are constructed up there with sideroads sloping towards each side for the evacuation of the rain. When running of that kind of surface, it hearts all the body because the surface is not flat. It does not really matter when you run a twenty kilometer semi-marathon but when you have to do 80 kms every day, it's quite another story... 

Fortunetaly, Pat has an professional assistance behind him. Every time he makes a stop, a pretty woman comes out of the van to take care of him and if necessary make a small massage on a massage bed...

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