C. Gel out, A. Bosch continues…

Published on 22.11.2011 - South Pole 1911-2011, Two Men One Goal

Carles Gel has gone cack home

Carles Gel has gone cack home

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On 18 November, Carlos Gel has decided tio give up the dream of his life. 'For ever', he says... His companion continues.

To better understand why one of the Cataln guys has decided to go back home, here is the press communiqué he has written while waiting for the ALE/plane to pick him up.

Saturday 18 November : "...Today, 17th of November of 2011 I am forced to write this farewell letter. I will try and make it brief, intense and scarcely emotive. I have lived the three week - emotionally - more intense of my whole life.

With my friend Albert we have lived to the limit and I even think that we've gone a bit further away in his frontiers. It has been a very tough, intense, and rewarding experience that will undoubtedly help in many aspects of my life, to even become a better person and continue in the search of perfection that does not exist.

An untimely left foot injury, leaving aside some small frostbite in a finger, leaves me with no other option than to abandon this white and infinit dream. I cannot carry on without feeling pain, and everything has its limits. I know if I carry on with this adventure, It can get worse and the consequences can be much more severe. With the winter season round the corner, nor I can allow myself, nor I want this to go any further. I hope you understand.

I renounce for good to what has been my dream during these last 10 years. Follow your dreams until the end... is my motto, it always has, and it will ever be. There are although, all sorts of dreams, and this is one of them. ..."

As fas as the othe Catalan is concerned, he has decided to continue the trek. As fas as possible, he says.

For the first day alone on the ice, Bosch had a good weather but did only 17.5 km which does not satisfy him at all.

Of course the trek has drastically changed since the abandon of his companion : his sledge is heavier, the tent is too big for one people (and also too heavy), plus it's not easy at all to mount alone.



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