Hannah McKeand : wounded and picked up

Published on 23.03.2008 - Solo North Pole 2008

Hannah McKeand fell into a deep hole eight feet deep. "In the process she wrenched her left leg, hurt her lower back and left shoulder. It took an hour for Hannah to work her way out and she then camped. ..."

Here are some excerpts from her web site:

Friday March 21st :

" Hannah phoned on Thursday evening to report that she had had a narrow escape from a nasty fall into a deep hole, but although she had got out she had been injured.

She had clambered up onto a pile of blocks to scout the view ahead, there was a crack to the right but no hint that it was a dangerous situation. Without warning the snow gave way and Hannah fell sideways into a hole eight feet deep. In the process she wrenched her left leg, hurt her lower back and left shoulder. It took an hour for Hannah to work her way out and she then camped.
She is at N 83 41.615 W 074 38.168

After medical advice and medication Hannah took Friday to rest and assess how she is. She is in considerable pain when moving - not ideal for sled pulling over hundreds of miles of frozen ocean.
I'll post more news when I have it. "

Saturday March 22nd :

"Sadly, I have to report that Hannah's injuries to her back and left shoulder are preventing further progress and arrangements are underway to organise a pick up from her current location.
She is, at times, in considerable pain and has very limited mobility but is out of immediate danger in her tent with warmth, food and shelter from her own equipment and supplies. She is also in contact with her expedition doctor.
Physical injuries are a high risk to polar expeditions and several north pole expeditions have had a member of the expedition evacuated. Obviously in a team of one that doesn't leave many to continue. I can only imagine how disappointed and frustrated Hannah is, but it is a tribute to her strength of character that she sounds cheerful and in good spirits on the iridium phone. Steve Jones."

Later that day

" ... Yesterday was packed with international phone calls to organise Hannah's pick up. Thank you to everyone who helped and offered assistance, a full list will follow. She was picked up this morning and flown to Alert, a remote Canadian government station on northern Ellesmere Island. From here she will fly down to Resolute Bay on Cornwallis Island, also in the northern Nunavut Territory, and from there on south probably to Ottawa via Iqaluit to definitive medical care for a full assessment of her medical condition. Updates will follow when the next leg of her journey has been finalised. Steve Jones."

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