Howard Fairbank’s nightly struggle

Published on 23.03.2010 - Richard Weber North Pole Expedition

We are awaiting news from the four teams (including Richard Weber's), which are scheduled to be resupplied by Summit Air Aviation on 21st March. So while we are waiting, let's dwell a little with the thoughts of Howard Fairbank in the privacy of his sleeping bag.

On March 20th, Fairbank writes : "As the night moves on there always comes a point where the desperate and intensive fight with my inner vapour barrier bag begins! (This bag is basically a thin, claustrophobic plastic bag that's supposed to reduce moisture traveling from me to both my sleeping bags.) The fight happens because I feel like I am suffocating as the plastic gets sucked onto both my air intakes. I have to find the opening and quick! Fortunately it's so cold outside my sleeping bags that I can feel my way to the 'life saving' outlet by following the coldness. The relief of getting to fresh air is soon replaced by the shock of my hand now being out in - 40 degree air, and the second gulp of air chilling my throat! Once that fight is over, the snoring and talking in sleep seems pretty easy to deal with! ..."

Like all of the other teams, Weber and his companions are fighting each day against the negative drift of the Arctic pack-ice. But their forecast about when they will reach their goal is better than the others. On 20th March, Fairbank wrote that if things continue the way they have started, they should reach the Pole by about 21st April.

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