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Published on 08.11.2011 - Antarctic Ice Expedition

The adventure is on finally !

The adventure is on finally !

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That's Belgian Dixie Dansercoer who is speaking. They had a bit of delay getting to Russian base and ALCI Airbase Novolazarevskaia, flying from CapeTown. But finally expedition started ok : on 7 November both men were dropped on the plateau.

After some days delay and patience waiting in Cape Twon, South Africa, Belgian adventurers Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour departed Cape Twon last friday night 4 November and arrived at the ALCI Airbase the next morning at 04 UTC.  Their 6 hour flight was a bit longer than expected due to strong headwinds.

Dixie and Sam were accompanied by expedition coordinator Stefan Maes, cameraman Mark Boone & Mobistar ICE Challenge winner An Van Rie.

On 7 November, the team has been transported by a Blaster aircraft on the Antartic Plateau.

Excerpts : "...Day 1, 7 November. One bite at a time ... or in this case, a distance of 5 kilometers. Dixie and Sam have completed Day 1 of the Antarctic ICE Expedition. On their 3rd landing approach, the Basler pilots dropped the polar duo at their starting position in a minefield of sastrugi, shark-like snow sculptures which make the terrain nearly impossible for smooth progress. Dixie has never before seen such a volatile terrain caused by sastrugi in Antarctica. He and Sam progressed 5 km amid the ice rubble and then exhaustedly set-up their first camp of the expedition.

"Day 2, 8 November. Dixie and Sam awakened this morning in their new home, fully rested and ready to begin Day 2.

They admittedly had a difficult start yesterday and Sam in particular felt physically empty and uncomfortable last night.  However, after eating well, rehydrating and sleeping, both expeditioners awakened with renewed gusto for their exciting journey.

"Due to the immense sastrugi zone, the duo will be forced to head ever so slightly off-track in a SW direction. Temperature at their camp at 08:00 UTC was -20°C with winds blowing out of the ESE at 20 km/hour.

Both Dixie and Sam expressed their gratitude to all who have sent messages of support their way.  It always helps to know that so many followers across the globe are sending positive energy their way. ..."

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