Mark George : Another Winner

Published on 11.01.2012 - South Pole Solo

Mark George has arrived at the South Pole on Monday 9 January. He has succeeded his solo and unsupported trek from Hercules Inlet. For the return trip (not really planned in advance) he has a surprise for all of us...

Thrilled to be there

Of course Australian Mark George is thrilled to have achieved his plan to go from HI to SP solo and unsupported and, in his 9 January blog, he shares his emotions with the visitors of his website.

But the most interesting now goes about what he is going to do next. At the very beginning of his adventure George has said that once arrived at the SP, he would consider the situation and analyse his chances to go back kiting and to get to Union Glacier ALE base camp on time (before 27 January). Some days ago, as George did not say then a word about the return trip, we were wondering whether he would go for it or not.

Today Mark George brings a quite surprising answer and makes a very sensitive analyse of his situation all together.

"It will be a Mystery Tour..."

Excerpts (10 January) : "... As I explained at the start of this blog I’d broken up this adventure into two components – south pole solo – which consisted of an unsupported solo trip from Hercules Inlet. If I was successful at this main objective I would then decide if I’d had enough and it was time to come home, or if I take a resupply, pick up some kites and start a kite adventure. I can tell you a decision on this second component has had me in emotional turmoil since Christmas."

On several occasions I have change my decision. I explained at the start of this trip that my family instinct is stronger than my adventure instinct, and this remains so.

"Due to the delay at the start of this trip and the extra days taken for my journey due to the slow snow conditions, I also find myself in a situation where there is an extremely small chance I could make it back to Hercules Inlet before the season ends and ALE last flight leaves."

"And of course the reality is that I am still a novice at kite skiing and would be approaching this activity very conservatively – with lots of skiing in heavily sastrugi areas."

"Having stated all that, the reality is that I also have some extra days up my sleeve before I can get my flight out of here, and my wonderful wife continues to support my travels (also stating that I won’t be getting this opportunity again!)."

"So the second part of this trip is going to be a mystery tour.  It will be a mystery how long it will go for.  It may go for 1 day, 5 days or 10 days before i give the call to ALE to come and get me.  It will be a mystery if the winds allow me to kite or if I go for a ski.  It will be a mystery how far I get….but what ever happens… the success of south pole solo will leave me happy and content for the rest of my days...."

What a sensitive, interesting and wise decision taken !

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