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Published on 03.12.2011 - South Pole Race 2011/2012 Centenary Race

Tony Martin the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of TO Extremes World Races is undertaking a double traverse of the entire 6th Continent with three Toyota specially equiped cars.

The three vehicles left the russian base Novolazarevskaia on 22 Novermber. Ten days later they had reached the dregree 88 where they had an important meeting.

From their communiqué : "Hello! Day 10 (01 december posted on 2 December) and our guests arrived safely and were met by the team from EWR. The group represents an organisation called Think Global School, a private non-profit high school that travels the world and allows their students the chance to study in three new international cities each academic year. EWR is committed to doing our bit to educate children to protect and respect our beautiful World and conserve it for the future...."

Before the team has established the starting line of the race at about degree 83 and also the race halfway check point at S 87, 00.00 / E 10 ,17.489. The team had driven 1,966 km to reach that point, checking every inch of the route for crevasses.

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